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(First Consul returns from China, New provinces, et al.)

LAVRADA – The past two months have been exceptionally eventful for the Grand Republic. They have seen the first provinces to be admitted since 2013, the end of partial government hiatus with the First Consul’s return, and the expansion of Delvera’s online presence through introduction on the MicroWiki Forum.

On June 6, the Province of Colo was established by John Goldsmith and Joe Halsey, in central Missouri. The duo are friends of the First Consul, Jordan Brizendine, who asked them to start a province in order to expand the territory and citizen base of the Grand Republic, as well as diversify its culture. Colo was the first province to be established since the Declaration of Independence from the NottaLottan Empire in May 2013, which was signed by the original four Delveran provinces (two of which are now defunct). Colo was also the first province to be founded on a non-military basis, with gaming as its central aspect. Goldsmith and Halsey are in the process of creating clans and leagues for various video and card games which are played by several citizens.

July 26 saw the establishment of the Republic of Germanija, the first province to be founded outside of the U.S. state of Missouri, in North Carolina. The province finally entered after a long, abortive process which included several name changes, a secession, and a relocation from Florida to its current territory in south-central North Carolina. Its leader is Christian Newton, the youngest Governor in Delveran history and the former leader of the Kingdom of New Germany, a micronation inspired by the YouTube videos of the Delveran Armed Services and its predecessors. Newton is currently forming his government and a new unit of the Grand Republican Army.

First Consul Jordan Brizendine returned from the People’s Republic of China on July 10 after one year in an exchange study program at Qingdao University. Though he faced many challenges before and during his program, he asserts that he is happy that he went and that he definitely learned many things from the experience. Many citizens were pleased with his return, noting that DAS training exercises and other national functions would resume normal operation. Brizendine is currently attending Missouri State University, (along with Governor John Goldsmith of Colo) where he majors in Chinese with a focus on Business. He plans to continue to make Chinese friends and perhaps return to China after he graduates in 2017.

The Grand Republic formally entered the MicroWiki community after it was introduced by the First Consul and Vice Consul on the MicroWiki forum in early June. This came after several months of wiki page development by the Consuls, along with other quiet developments. Though Delvera was not widely known before, two of its predecessors had presences in the community, most notably the Holy Salanian Empire in late 2010 and early 2011. After several scandals involving that nation and its leader, its successor state withdrew from the community, soon uniting with NottaLotta Acres in July 2011 to form the NottaLottan Empire. When independence from the Empire was attained in May 2013, Delveran leaders discussed rejoining the community, but rejected most proposals, deciding to wait until the nation was older and better developed. First Consul Brizendine’s online presence expansion plans finally brought the Grand Republic into the community over two years later. Since the announcement, Delvera has entered into formal diplomatic relations with the Empire of New Israel and informal relations with several other nations.

Part of the online expansion included the establishment of this paper, the Lavrada Bannerman. Delvera has not produced any news publications to date, though its predecessors have created them in the past. The Salanian Herald acted as the sounding board of the Emperor in the days of the Holy Salanian Empire, drawing much ire from various members of the community. However, it did manage to provide a fairly regular stream of information from the nation. Several issues were printed and distributed quarterly, with additional articles appearing on the paper’s wordpress site. The Commonwealth of Lavrasia, Delvera’s immediate predecessor and a client state of the NottaLottan Empire, attempted to create a monthly newsletter in the Commonwealth Post-Dispatch, but the paper only printed one issue and produced several infrequent news updates on the national website. The Lavrada Bannerman will be almost entirely online (though it may print an issue for a special occasion) and will strive to offer regular (at least monthly) updates on events in the capital and other areas of Delvera.

Vice Consul Nikias Wernher, with the help of First Consul Brizendine, has begun development of the Order of Knights Paragon, an organization of individuals with the stated goals of promoting personal growth, integrity, and responsibility in order to promote courteous and generous behavior between micronations and in everyday life. A charter and logo have been created and several founding members have been selected for the Order, nicknamed “Exemplars”, with operation expected to begin next month. Wernher is currently working on official procedures and ceremonies. The group has met with largely positive support and approval from the MicroWiki community, where it was introduced.

The summer has been exceptionally wet and humid in the Grand Republic, with incessant rainfall making lawn mowing and haymaking difficult and washing out dirt roads. Several regions in Delvera and its spheres of influence have experienced flash floods. On the upside, crops and gardens are doing well across the nation, as there is no shortage of water.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine