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LAVRADA – After over two years of de facto rule, Jordan Brizendine and Nikias Wernher were officially elected to the positions of First Consul and Vice Consul of the Grand Republic last week. The national popular vote was held in part face to face and in part over the internet. Wernher ran against Brizendine for the position of First Consul, but was defeated by a considerable margin, taking Vice Consul as the runner up.

Brizendine was also confirmed as Governor of Lavrasia and Chief Executor of the Triumvirate after a province-wide vote. Wernher also competed for the position, but was defeated, thus claiming the offices of Deputy of Lavrasia and Chief Legislator of the Triumvirate.

First Consul Brizendine declared the position of Governor of Avannia vacant after a long period of inactivity by the incumbent, Josiah Parker. The remaining two active citizens of the Province held an inconclusive vote, in which both nominated the other for the position. The First Consul appointed Zeke Graves to the position, thus resolving the tie. Another election may be held when Avannia gains more citizens, which is one of the tasks assigned to the new governor. These events will no doubt inspire further speculation on the status of Avannia as a province, as provinces are required by the Delveran Constitution to have at least 3 citizens.

Provincial elections were also held in Colo and Germanija earlier in the year, seeing John Goldsmith elected Governor of Colo and Christian Newton and Dustin Goss elected Governor and Deputy of Germanija respectively.

The national election brought into focus the voting power of Germanija. Though it is the newest province of Delvera, and also the most distant from the capital, Germanija boasted 15 voting citizens in the election. To put that in perspective, all three of the other provinces had a combined total of 14 voters: 2 from Avannia, 3 from Colo, and 9 from Lavrasia. While this did not make an impact on this year’s results (both candidates were Lavrasian), it could spell the end of Lavrasia’s dominance of national politics should Germanija decide to run candidates next year.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine