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LAVRADA – After nearly one year of suspended operation, the Grand Republican Army has exploded back into activity with the Summer 2015 Drill Exercises, held at Camp Constantine, Lavrasia and Camp Friedrich, I District, RMP on August 7-9. Unlike previous exercises, which were based on more generalized training, this Drill focused on a platoon of the Delveran Cavalry Regiment: A Company, 1st Platoon (A:1), Mechanized, which is led by the Adjutant Supreme Commander of the Delveran Armed Services, Major Bob Monroe. DAS Supreme Commander Colonel Jordan Brizendine has expressed his wishes for a continuation of the trend in spotlighting various GRA units in training.

Members of the Delveran Cavalry Regiment during a training exercise.

Members of the Delveran Cavalry Regiment during a training exercise in Lavrasia.

Brizendine resided in China for the previous school year, with his absence being the primary reason for the GRA’s extended inactivity. The only unit that remained active was B Company, 1st Platoon (B:1), Rangers of the Delveran Infantry Regiment, a Germanijan unit which held several small training events during that time.

A video of the training exercises can be found here. Colonel Brizendine chose the Aerosmith song “Back in the Saddle” for the video because it “fit the cavalry theme” and represented both his return from China and the GRA’s return to holding training exercises and producing videos, a tradition traced back to 2011 in Lavrasia.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine