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NORVLAND – The Editors-in-Chief of the Lavrada Bannerman and the Germanijan Times, Jordan Brizendine and Christian Newton, have today signed an agreement that will reinforce the relationship between the two publications and should resolve any potential disputes about coverage and the use of resources. The agreement, authored by Brizendine, is known as the Delveran Media Concord.

In short, it provides for four things: first coverage rights for regional news (the Delveran Heartland for the Bannerman and Germanija for the Times), mutual coverage rights for national news (with the Bannerman authorized to print the official national government position), the rights of citizens to submit opinion articles or story leads to the publication of their choice (though they will be redirected in the case of some regional issues), and a prohibition of “reblogging” the articles of the other or an outside source (though said sources may be referenced, provided they are properly cited). The agreement is set up to be altered upon the creation of additional news providers in the Grand Republic, ensuring a level of journalistic integrity and cooperation within the nation.

In other news, the Delveran Infantry Regiment’s B Company, 1st Platoon (B:1), Rangers, a unit composed entirely of Germanijan soldiers, has released its first official training video to coincide with the DAS Summer Drill Exercises 2015 video release earlier this week. This video was preceded by a short demo late in 2014, but nothing of this scale or on this level of skill has ever been produced by Germanija to this date. The video was praised by Delveran High Command for its variety and originality of footage, as well as its professional nature.

The Rangers fulfill the role of traditional light infantry in the GRA. Their training is focused on speed, marksmanship, and stealth, rather than brute strength. B Company, 1st Platoon is currently led by Sergeant Christian Newton, and is the first Delveran military unit to be headquartered in Germanija.

The video may be viewed here.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine