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LAVRADA – The annual Muster of Lavrasian Militia was held yesterday, September 12 at Camp Constantine in Lavrasia proper. Seven Militia members attended, five of which are pictured here. Training took place throughout the afternoon in the form of simulated battles in the vicinity.


A Militia, as defined by the Delveran Constitution, is the armed force of a particular province. Provinces are permitted to maintain their own Militias (which need not be affiliated with the national military) in order to fulfill various functions within a Province, such as on the spot defense and disaster relief. Out of the four current provinces of Delvera, only Lavrasia and Germanija have organized Militias.

In Lavrasia, the Militia serves as the border patrol and law enforcement, as well as the primary defense force of the Republican Military Protectorate, in addition to its other roles. As per the Lavrasian Articles of Governance, the Militia is divided into two classes: Active and Reserve. Active Militia include all Lavrasian citizens who currently serve in the national military, as well as any individuals contracted to serve actively by the provincial government. The Reserve Militia comprises all other able-bodied citizens of the province between the ages of 16 and 65. The leader is the Commandant, who is elected by the Militia itself.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine