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FULTON – Monday, October 26 saw the finalization of a treaty to resolve the land claims conflict between the North American Confederation and the Grand Republic of Delvera. After initially authoring the treaty, known as the Missouri Compact, on October 8, First Consul Jordan Brizendine submitted the document to the Delveran Council of Governors and the North American government for approval. The Delveran governors responded swiftly with unanimous approval. After 18 days, Prime Minister Rev. Joseph Marx of the NAC officially endorsed the agreement in the name of the North American government. The text of the treaty is as follows:

“Be it hereunto resolved that the sovereign states of the Grand Republic of Delvera and the North American Confederation do officially agree on a resolution to the problem of overlapping land claims within the state of Missouri, the terms of which shall follow.

I. Reduction of North American Claims

The North American Confederation shall retract all claims to the state of Missouri south of the Missouri River and to the County of Callaway. The Confederation shall not seek to expand its territorial claims within Missouri without due process pursuant to the fifth clause of this treaty.

II. Restriction on Delveran Expansion

The Grand Republic of Delvera shall not seek to expand or gain citizenry within the allotted territory of the North American Confederation without prior approval of the Confederation pursuant to the fifth clause of this treaty.

III. Travel and Commerce

Both the Grand Republic of Delvera and the North American Confederation shall recognize Missouri as an open border area and a free trade zone for the purposes of travel and commerce. Citizens of both nations shall be permitted free reign to visit and do business in any part of the state, providing that they adhere to local laws.

IV. Status of the Kingdom of Callaway

Due to its historical and cultural significance, as well as its de jure independence, the Delveran and North American governments shall respect the neutrality of the Kingdom of Callaway, encompassing the County of Callaway in the state of Missouri, which neither shall claim nor occupy. The Kingdom shall be open to visitation and travel by citizens of both nations.

V. Process for Alterations to this Treaty

Should the Grand Republic of Delvera or the North American Confederation seek to alter the terms of this treaty, both must officially assent to the new amendments as per the appropriate process in their respective nations.

Done in Fulton, Kingdom of Callaway – 26 October 2015″

National borders as per the Missouri Compact (Blue=NAC, Red=Delvera, Gold=Kingdom of Callaway)

National borders as per the Missouri Compact (Blue=NAC, Red=Delvera, Gold=Kingdom of Callaway)

Fulton, capital of the Kingdom of Callaway, was chosen because of its neutrality, historical significance, and geographical location between the two nations as the signatory location of the Compact. The period of its ratification coincidentally encompassed Kingdom of Callaway Day, an annual celebration of the historic micronation in Delvera.

To coincide with the treaty, Prime Minister Marx authored and released a speech, the Missouri Proclamation, addressing the matter as well as a more general statement about North American foreign policy and the future of micronationalism in the region. The speech can be listened to here.

The Prime Minister and First Consul are planning a wiki page that will explain the accord in further detail.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Note to the reader: This reporter apologizes for the late release of this news due to academic matters.