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LAVRADA – On December 22, the District of Neosho was admitted into the Grand Republic as a “military jurisdiction”, a designation that does not appear in the Delveran Constitution. The controversial move has put First Consul and Supreme Commander of the Delveran Armed Services, Jordan Brizendine, under scrutiny by fringe elements.


Flag of Neosho

The District, which includes Lyon County, Kansas as its sphere of influence, was the brainchild of Major Dylan Callahan, the incumbent Quartermaster of the Grand Republican Army. Callahan resides there with his wife and young child, who are also Delveran citizens. Brizendine had proposed the possibility of induction into the Grand Republic as a Province or Territory (regions with constitutional provision) previously, and it initially seemed as though he would only accept one of these. The accession do Callahan’s suggestion was an abrupt turnaround that confused onlookers in the government and elsewhere.

“The annexation and incorporation of a military administration district in Kansas is a legal necessity and will really help organize the logistical duties of the Delveran high command,” said Major Callahan when asked about the significance of these events.  “It is more than a formality, it is a practical and decisive act that I imagine will have many applications for the Delveran nation and her relationship between her armed services and those of other nations.”

Upon close examination of the Delveran Constitution, it has been noted that although no mention of a military district was made (other than the Protectorate, which has a similar arrangement), nor was the military restricted from appropriating its own lands or incorporating them as sovereign territory, effectively forming a loophole.

Vice Consul Nikias Wernher issued the following statement about Neosho and Brizendine’s behavior: “The government has once again proven that we can’t trust them to stick by their word. This so-called “loophole” of a military district cannot be stood for. We must reproof the constitution to lower the powers of the military-industrial complex. There’s only one thing left for me to do: I must start my own newspaper column, the KnowledgeWarrior.”

In response to all of these events, Brizendine urged calm discussion and resolution of the affair. “Technically speaking, I did nothing wrong,” he said. “Though the constitution was in effect bypassed by the military, it was done in order to improve the lives of Delveran citizens while preserving their rights, something that I have striven to accomplish throughout my tenure as First Consul and Supreme Commander.” When asked if he thought he held too much power with both positions, Brizendine replied, “Look at all the progress and good things I have given to the people!”

The District’s stated purpose is to serve as a western headquarters for the DAS, including administrative and logistics functions. It has also been recommended as a location for the national mint.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine