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LAVRADA – Recent weather patterns in the Grand Republic have allowed the Lavrasian Militia to conduct successive testing of three new military uniform variants for High Command. The advent of the Christmas holiday six weeks ago provided Colonel Jordan Brizendine and his younger brother Corporal Victor Sarkozy with two of the uniforms, which could herald a shift in the strict specifications of the Delveran Military Regulations in that area.


The first variant tested, dubbed the “Minuteman” configuration, involved a hodgepodge of various pieces of camouflage clothing and gear that could realistically be assembled by the layman on very short notice. The Sarkozys conducted a night patrol in the uniforms, simulating a rapid armament and deployment of the Lavrasian Militia. They completed the action without alerting the neighbor’s dog, a marked success.


The second variant was the standard multicam pattern now used by the United States Army. Colonel Brizendine had recently proposed the pattern to High Command as the standard winter uniform of the Delveran Armed Services, then perhaps as the standard year-round uniform. Following a successful day patrol including evading hunting dogs, the pattern has been tentatively slated to be fazed in across the board.


The third and final variant was a new woodland snow pattern (left), which was matched up against the existing standard snow camouflage of the Grand Republican Army (right). The Sarkozys conducted a day patrol, accompanied by the battle dog Alvin (in the background), with mixed results. They concluded that the new pattern was better suited to the forest, while the existing pattern was superior in the open field.

The results of the tests were reported to High Command in due order, with official decisions pending.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine