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LAVRADA- Today, the Grand Republic of Delvera has signed a treaty with the Democratic Republic of Doronis naming the latter a Dependency of the former. A Dependency is a temporary Delveran holding that is either a new micronation seeking guidance and protection as it develops initially or an existing micronation that is undergoing a period of transition and formally petitions the Delveran government for assistance.

A Dependency internally governs itself, but its foreign relations and defense are controlled by the Grand Republic until the expiry of the treaty, which is limited to six months of validity, or until the dependent nation decides to end the arrangement. Citizens of a Dependency are considered Delveran citizens until the term of the treaty is up, but do not have the right to vote.


Flag of the Democratic Republic of Doronis

Founded on March 5 by President Samuel Johnson, Doronis is a brand new micronation located in southeastern Missouri, about 150 miles (~241 kilometers) from the nearest Delveran holding. Its territory currently comprises 20 acres (~8 hectares), most of which is farmland. Doronis produces many agricultural products, which it hopes to utilize in trade agreements, and has ambitions to build a city on part of its land.

First Consul Jordan Brizendine has vowed to help expand Doronis’ online presence, as well as develop its military during the fledgling republic’s Dependency period.

Doronis Facebook Page

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine