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LavrasiaLink will (hopefully) be a recurring column focusing on local events in Lavrada and Lavrasia, the region in which this publication is based.

LAVRADA – The Lavrasian Militia conducted a patrol last Saturday (3/26) through Lavrasia and the Protectorate. The patrol, which consisted of COL Jordan Brizendine, SSGT Cole Sarkozy, and SGT Victor Sarkozy, initially set out with the intent of practicing established field maneuvers, as well as testing new radio communication technology. After engaging one hostile in the I District of the Protectorate, the group moved to Toilet Rock National Monument.

At this point, SGT Sarkozy suggested investigating a series of tire dumps that had been occurring in the area recently. The patrol reached a consensus and began travelling to the first of these spots. En route, they engaged a second hostile, after which SSGT Sarkozy discovered a patch of edible mushrooms in the II District. The group proceeded (mushrooms in tow) to Oakland Baptist Church, then to the first and largest tire dump site. SSGT Sarkozy examined the tires and determined that, while some of them were in poor condition, most had no visible defects, and three of them could potentially be sold for up to ₩25,000 each.


The first and largest of the tire dump sites, II District, RMP

Following this, SGT Sarkozy proposed a quick road march to some nearby turkey barns that had been purchased by relatives of the Sarkozy family the previous autumn. Again, the others agreed, and the patrol arrived after a few minutes of travel. They inspected the facilities in question, which no longer contained poultry, determining that one of the buildings would be a suitable place for a shooting range and/or a CQB course for the Delveran Armed Services. COL Jordan Brizendine made note of this and resolved to ask the appropriate family members for permission to do so.


The turkey barns, US territory

On the march back to Lavrada, the group investigated the second tire dump site in the IV District. This site consisted of far fewer and less valuable tires, lending no further helpful information. The patrol’s final stop was the city of New Bern in the I District, where they left the mushrooms to be cooked by COL Brizendine and SGT Sarkozy’s grandparents that evening before returning to Lavrada.

In other news, First Consul Jordan Brizendine is planning a state visit to the Democratic Republic of Doronis in the coming months. Doronis, which was recently accepted as a dependency of Delvera, is preparing to receive the First Consul, with President Sam Johnson saying, “I have already been planning a few things on the side of discussion and where the meeting will take place… I’ll have a date for you in a week.” The First Consul has stated that the visit will be an educational and promotional visit for the new republic, which was founded earlier this month.

The First Consul is also preparing a lyric video for “Lavrasia Forever”, the Provincial Anthem of Lavrasia. The video will be posted on his YouTube channel, lavrasia, when it is finished.

The First Consul expressed disappointment with the lack of response to the Delveran Constitution, the Writ of Rights, and the Lavrasian Articles of Governance, all of which were posted on the Micronation.org Forum several weeks ago. The documents have several views, but zero comments. Initially, the First Consul intended to post the documents to “expose the corruption of the Delveran government” in a somewhat non-serious response to comments about New Israel’s Constitution. After further thought on the matter, and at the suggestion of another user, however, Brizendine decided that it could be beneficial to receive third-party constructive criticism and evaluation of Delveran laws, most of which were created by Brizendine himself. He was disheartened to see that, not only had no one offered comments about how the documents could be improved, but not a single person had said anything at all. This led him to wonder if the documents were too well written to be criticized, too long and boring to be read, or too laughably simple to be taken seriously. He may never be certain, but the links to the documents are here in case any reader wants to know (and contribute maybe?).

Document links: Delveran Constitution, Writ of Rights, Lavrasian Articles of Governance

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine