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NEOSHO RAPIDS – First Consul Jordan Brizendine officially appointed Major Dylan Callahan to the position of Minister of State earlier today after a Facebook conversation between the two. Callahan, the Quartermaster of the Delveran Armed Services and Administrator of the District of Neosho, is well qualified for such a post, having served as Secretary Secretariat and Secretary of State for NottaLotta Acres and the NottaLottan Empire respectively from 2008 to 2014.


Callahan in statesman attire

Callahan prepared an address for his accession, the transcript of which follows:

“As the newly appointed minister, I would like to inform the intermicronational community that the Grand Republic respects our neighbors. We do this not out of fear but out of the expectation that this respect is mutual.

I wish to further assure the macronational community that we are strong and proud, but we are willing to come to the table to recognize the needs of our foreign friends. We see the need among the people of the macronational world, particularly our “United States” neighbors, who suffer the less-than-serious political turmoil and economic shortcomings. We see your need to be recognized, and we are willing to come to the negotiating table under the proper circumstances.

To the Delveran people, I say this. This administration will not suffer indignities, and indignities will not describe this administration.”

First Consul Brizendine added, “Callahan is a fine statesman. He is eloquent, polite, and thorough, and I believe he will be a credit to our foreign policy.”

According to the Delveran Constitution, the First Consul is permitted to create up to four Executive Departments (Ministries of State, Commerce, the Interior, and Justice) and appoint ministers to oversee them. Brizendine appointed his brother Victor to the position of Minister of the Interior in January to little fanfare, but has made no moves to create other departments as of yet. When asked about the subject, he cited a lack of current need and a shortage of candidates.

Callahan’s first act as Minister of State was to create a Delveran Citizenship Form, which can be found here (please note that at this time, Delvera only accepts citizens who reside within the United States).

Callahan has been a personal friend of Brizendine since 2011.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine