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LAVRADA – The Democratic Republic of Doronis has disbanded today after just over one month of existence, prematurely ending its treaty and status of Dependency with the Grand Republic of Delvera. Doronis’ leader, President Samuel Johnson, has assured the Delveran government and the micronational community that the abrupt change of course had nothing to do with Delvera, issuing the following statement:

“While Doronis has closed the majority of its doors, the remainder of its government would like to make it clear that our friends in Delvera were not responsible for our shutdown. It was a decision made within Doronis and had no influence from outside parties.”

President Johnson has decided to pursue an education in paleontology at the University of New Mexico, and he is leaving Missouri to attend a series of archaeological digs this summer that coincide with this endeavor, after which he will reside in the state for the next four years. He has mentioned that, while Doronis is going into inactivity for now, he plans to revisit the project in the future.

First Consul Jordan Brizendine wished the President well in his endeavors. He hopes that the ending of the treaty will not also spell the ending of the Dependency program, which has only seen one applicant in the three years of its existence.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine