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LAVRADA – First Consul Jordan Brizendine officially reorganized and expanded his cabinet yesterday, as well as appointing a Supreme Justice of the Delveran High Court for the first time in history. This is part of the two-phase “Callahan Plan”, a strategy for increased government functionality and economic growth proposed by then-Minister of State Dylan Callahan.

The first step of the plan involved appointing a Supreme Justice. Brizendine selected Callahan for this position, and the responsibility of scheduling a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, Delvera’s legislature, fell to Vice Consul Nikias Wernher. After the Chamber meets and determines the number of justices the High Court will include, the issue of approving the First Consul’s appointment will fall to the Council of Governors, which will also hold a meeting via Facebook. This part of the plan accomplishes the two-fold goal of jumpstarting the Judicial Branch of the government and ensuring that the Council and Chamber function effectively. Officials who fail to perform their duties will be censured by the new Supreme Justice.

The second and final step was appointing a Minister of Commerce, whose immediate responsibilities would include auditing the treasury and establishing uniform rates of exchange of foreign currency, bullion, and certificates in Waadas, Delvera’s national currency. Brizendine chose to appoint Callahan to this position as well, conferring his responsibilities as Minister of State on Wernher. After establishing national liquid assets and currency exchange rates, Callahan plans to assemble a committee to discuss further stimulation of the economy, consulting executive and legislative bodies when necessary. He has begun formulating a tax system and a wage bracket for federal employees, and plans to implement these by the third anniversary of the Grand Republic at the end of May.

Brizendine commented, “This month is going to be momentous for Delvera.”

Callahan released a speech to accompany the introduction of the plan to the public, the text of which is as follows:

“Good morning.

As the Grand Republic continues to grow and flourish into what may be the greatest nation in the history of the micronational world, we have had to adjust to the needs of the people.  Any national leadership will have to make adjustments and confront the issues of the day, and only the most honest and most successful governments will actually continually act to evolve to the needs of their times.

Delvera has reached a new milestone, in that her leadership has seen she is ready to cast off the old shell and grow.

Under the straightforward resolve of Consul Brizendine’s leadership, and with the loyal aid of his cabinet, we were pleased to be able to work toward this goal with solidarity and unanimity.

I will not speak at great length concerning the details, which are available for the public to view, but I will say that we are relying heavily on two things for our plan.  And I do stress “our” plan.  I submitted an outline, and Mr. Brizendine and Mr. Wernher and I continue to refine the details, and we are currently presenting the plan officially before the Governors and Deputies.

But one thing I wish to point out is that this plan expects that Delveran citizens will continue to grow.  In fact, we are facilitating a new environment with greener pastures, so to speak, for our free market.  Our economy will be strengthened and bolted into the free market, and we are expecting to facilitate rather than lord over the enterprise of the Delveran people.

Another thing that we are relying on, trusting in, believing to be true, is that freedom works.  The market works.  That our government, conceived in sovereignty and nurtured by the spirit of liberty, will continue to move forward in a way that will benefit not only Delvera, but the intermicronational world.

I know Delvera is ready, and so I call now on the world to come forward and not just observe but participate with us in this exciting new time.  The time is now for those who wish for prosperity to come to Delvera and help us sow what we all wish to reap – dignity and prosperity.”

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine