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LAVRADA – The Delveran Council of Governors convened last night via Facebook and unilaterally struck down the Treaty of Friendship between the Grand Republic and the Holy Empire of New Israel. First Consul Jordan Brizendine had proposed the rescinding of the treaty based on the recent behavior of Emperor Markus II on the Microwiki forums, citing his recurrent insult and condemnation of those who do not conform to his increasingly narrow pseudo-Catholic ideology, as well as veiled threats of invasion.


A rift has formed between the Grand Republic and the Holy Empire. One might even call it a schism…

As it so happens, the First Consul received a private message from Markus immediately before his proposal, adding further reason to end the treaty. The message is as follows:

“Delvera no more wishes to exist in amity with the Holy Empire, this is clear. For if your grievances were petty, you would contact me privately; but clearly you take issue with our embrace of the One True Faith and our condemnation of heresy and error. Perhaps it is our laws against Freemasonry which embitter you so?

Nevertheless, for now at least, this era ought rather to be at an end. It would be better for our Treaty to be abolished and for our states to part in separate ways.”

First Consul Brizendine offered the following reply:

“I am not embitterred, I simply wish to secure the dignity and safety of my people. We are warriors, and we do not take lightly to threats or insults. Nevertheless, I am not an absolute ruler, and my own personal opinions do not govern my nation on their own. I have petitioned my government to rescind the treaty, as you seem to be ever more unnecessarily hostile to our way of life. I do not wish you ill, but I cannot condone your behavior, professionally or otherwise.”

When asked to elaborate further on the subject, Brizendine commented:

“No doubt this will be painted as yet another heresy against Markus’ one-man crusade to rid the world of those who oppose his constantly changing theology. Honestly, this does not concern me or anyone in my government. We know that New Israel has absolutely no power over us and holds very little sway in the community. Regardless, I won’t seek to antagonize the man or his nation any further, because Delvera has always been a place where one can express himself and share his opinions. It’s the first right guaranteed to all of our citizens, and indeed we believe it should be applicable to everyone, even those who would deny others such a right.”

As for Markus’ mention of Freemasonry, Vice Consul Nikias Wernher said, “At least someone reads the Knowledge Warrior blog!”.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine