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LAVRADA – The Province of Avannia has officially been dissolved this week, following its inability to meet the requirements of a province as outlined in the Delveran Constitution. Governor Zeke Graves agreed to allow the province to become a territory under the guardianship of Lavrasia, but indicated that the region may attempt to gain provincial status again once he graduates high school.

Avannia Location

Location of the new Territory of Avannia and its sphere of influence (orange) within the Province of Lavrasia and its sphere of influence (red).

Avannia has had a troubled history of inactivity and failure to meet set goals. It was one of the four original provinces to sign the Declaration of Independence from the NottaLottan Empire and the Delveran Writ of Rights on May 29, 2013, though the province’s representatives did so in absentia. Avannia was administered by a series of governors that continually promised increased activity and development, neither of which was ever delivered. Avannian citizens and soldiers did not visit the capital or participate in military exercises until 2014. By the time Graves was elected, the province had already fallen below three citizens, which is the minimum population requirement for provincial status. The lack of a constitutionally outlined procedure for this particular scenario, as well as the hope of the First Consul that Avannia would gain another citizen, caused a delay of nearly a year in the process of dissolution.

Lavrasia is now the sole remaining original province of Delvera, a group which included Avannia, Altaria, and “Pandoria”. The latter two were disestablished by their governors in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Avannia is the second territory to be taken under guardianship by Lavrasia, the first being Zancudo. This brings Lavrasia to its maximum number of territorial possessions allowed by the Delveran Constitution.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine