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NORVLAND – Deputy Dustin Goss of Germanija was stripped of his citizenship in the Grand Republic by order of the Supreme Justice last week, following his resignation and denial of interest in Delvera after another charge saw him indicted by the High Court. This was a major blow to Germanija, as Goss was also a squad leader in B Company, 1st Platoon (Rangers) of the Delveran Infantry Regiment, the local Grand Republican Army unit.


Dustin Goss, former Germanijan Deputy and Delveran Ranger

The problem began when Goss was summoned to a Facebook meeting of the Chamber of Deputies by Vice Consul Nikias Wernher during the preceding week. After repeated failed attempts by First Consul Jordan Brizendine and Governor Christian Newton to contact Goss, Supreme Justice Dylan Callahan held a tribunal in which he indicted the defendant for one count of  dereliction of duty in regard to his responsibilities as a Deputy, giving the accused one week to plead guilty or not guilty.

Finally, Goss replied to a text from Governor Newton informing him of the indictment. The resulting conversation was as follows:

At this point, the Supreme Justice pronounced Goss guilty, sentencing him to judicial parole for a period of one year if he chose to remain under Delveran jurisdiction and revoking his citizenship for a period of six months (after which he could reapply) if he chose not to. Goss took the latter option.

This left Germanija in a compromising position, as it no longer had a voice in the Chamber of Deputies and had lost the second in command of its military. Governor Newton issued a statement some days later about the event, including a provision to deal with this loss, the text of which is below:

“With the Chamber of Deputies meeting this month, Governor Christian Newton has decided not to participate, seeing that he has no Deputy to accompany him. After discussing the matter with First Consul Jordan Brizendine, Governor Newton has decided to postpone the selection of a new Deputy for Germanija until after provincial elections occur (which are scheduled to take place at the beginning of July, 2016), so that he/she may serve a full term in office.”

He went on to announce that the Germanijan government will enter a “state of inactivity” until a new Deputy is elected, but that the Germanijan Militia will continue to operate normally. First Consul Brizendine and his cabinet assumed that this inactivity would exclude the Office of the Governor, especially with the upcoming first National Tax Day on June 1.

“Though the entire affair was upsetting,” Brizendine commented, “I believe it was for the better. After all, part of the reason for calling this Chamber meeting was to weed out inactive members of government, as per the Callahan Plan.”

This article was published in compliance with the Delveran Media Concord. Governor Newton’s full statement can be read on the Germanijan Times website here.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine