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LAVRADA – Yesterday, May 29, 2016, marked the third anniversary of Delvera’s secession from the NottaLottan Empire. On that same day in 2013, representatives of four provinces met in Lavrada to form the new Grand Republic and take part in quarterly Drill Exercises, which happened to be the largest military training event thus far in Lavrasian/Delveran history. Just as Delveran patriots assembled three years ago, they rallied together again last night amid threats to the MicroWiki community and the Grand Republic itself.

At 3:36 PM CST, a disgruntled MicroWiki forum user with a fake “hacker” account hijacked a thread commemorating the Delveran Independence Day holiday, as he did several other threads, with a message threatening the community, the site itself, and individual users. As is customary, the First Consul replied with a joke:

Screenshot (6)

This angered the so-called hacker, who responded with a direct threat to Delveran security:

Screenshot (4).png

This prompted staunch defiance from the First Consul:

Screenshot (7).png

Following this exchange, Supreme Commander Brizendine put the Delveran Armed Services on active standby, and Signal Officer Wernher looked to the defense of Delvera’s online assets and PCs. Though High Command did not believe the threats to have much credence, the Supreme Commander asserted that every threat needs to be taken seriously. “If there’s even a 1% chance that this guy is legit, especially when he’s talking about sending a hitman to kill us, we need to be prepared,” he commented. Delveran assets from Kansas to Florida were contacted and informed of the situation with all necessary speed.

Signal Officer Wernher saw this as an opportunity to give Delveran PCs a sorely needed security update by installing new, top of the line antivirus software. Brizendine then offered his cyber security team’s assistance in defending MicroWiki to site administration, though they did not believe the threat to be serious enough to warrant such measures.

Meanwhile, the Independence Day thread developed into an extended, often profane exchange between the individual threatening attacks and members of the community. In the end, the multiple accounts of the would-be hacker were deleted and the moderators assured First Consul Brizendine that the thread would be cleansed after the authorities were presented with the evidence contained within.

The First Consul, the Lavrada Bannerman, and the Grand Republican Army wish to assure the nation and the international community that all is well and the threat has ended. Delvera once again stands together and asserts its independence. The people will not submit to idle threats, and the Delveran government and military will not hesitate to defend the nation, its friends, and the community. God willing, the Grand Republic will see many, many more independence days in the years to come.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine