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LavrasiaLink is a recurring column focusing on local events in Lavrada and Lavrasia, the region in which this publication is based.

LAVRADA – The last month has been exceptionally eventful for Lavrasia. On May 21, Camp Constantine hosted the 2016 GRA Drill Exercises, which saw eight service members attend. Notable among these was Major Dylan Callahan, Supreme Justice of the High Court, Minister of Commerce, DAS Quartermaster, and Administrator of the Neosho Military Administrative District. This marked the first time that Callahan had visited Lavrasia, despite being an important political and military figure during the Commonwealth Era and since Neosho was admitted to the Grand Republic last year. The Major was greeted with fanfare as an honored guest by Supreme Commander Brizendine.


COL Brizendine welcomes MAJ Callahan in Lavrasia

Later that day, a peculiar event occurred on the gravel road next to Lavrasia. At approximately 5 PM, several service members heard a vehicle coming up the road. It sounded like a truck pulling a trailer with loose items bouncing on it, but when it came by, observers noted that it was a gold car with what appeared to be a child’s electric car being towed behind it by a rope. The car was driving exceptionally fast, but Major Bob Monroe, whose house in Amora is about a quarter mile up the road from the capital, was able to call his father and alert him of the odd sight in time for the man to see it as well. Less than ten minutes later, the car came back down the road with the toy car no longer attached to it. Delveran officials assume that the individual(s) involved dumped the toy car somewhere along the road. An investigation failed to reveal the dump site, but a small piece of plastic thought to be a piece of the toy car was discovered in the road near Amora shortly after. Colonel Brizendine and Major Monroe wondered if the perpetrators of this incident were somehow involved in the dumping of tires in the Protectorate several months ago, but no evidence has yet surfaced to support this theory.


This large piece of plastic, discovered on the road near Amora, is believed to be a piece of the toy car, perhaps the bumper.

On May 30, Governor Jordan Brizendine, Chief Justicar Roseanna Cilley, and Minister of the Interior Victor Sarkozy took part in the ground breaking ceremony for the new DAS headquarters and officers’ barracks in Lavrasia. The facility, which is to be a 12′ x 16′ building, will be climate controlled and insulated, will include sleeping space for at least four people, and will include internet connection and storage space for DAS equipment and records.


Chief Justicar Cilley and Governor Sarkozy break ground at the site of the new headquarters, 6/4/2016

June 4 saw the beginning of construction on the new building, which was designed and financed by Brizendine’s father after petitions by the Lavrasian Triumvirate that explained the need for such a facility. The construction crew consisted of Governor Jordan Brizendine, Minister Victor Sarkozy, their father, an Avannian citizen, and two foreigners. A short rain shower interrupted the work for about 15 minutes, but afterward the foundation and floor frame of the structure were completed. The Triumvirate has set the goal of finishing construction by the end of the month, but Brizendine’s father has doubts about the viability of such a date.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine