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LAVRADA – A crisis has been developing on the MicroWiki forums as of late, centered primarily around the unpopular comments and offensive behavior of Emperor Markus II of New Israel. Markus has consistently berated others for their religious and political beliefs, often derailing threads with unrelated offhand remarks, targeting those who disagree with his idea of a perfect society (which just so happens to be a large majority of the community). His behavior has even caused the exodus of a few micronationalists from the forum. Though a moderator, King Shamus of Madrona, has suggested banning Markus to Emperor Jonathan of Austenasia, the site owner, the idea has been dismissed, citing concerns about freedom of speech. Some have even gone so far as to predict that this series of events will cause the downfall of the MicroWiki community, or at least its forums.

Several dissatisfied national leaders have decided to take matters into their own hands. Two camps with similar aims, but alternative methods, have emerged from this movement.

The first, led by Grand Protector Suzuki Akihonaomi of New Starland, advocates a boycott of posts and threads written by what she calls the “Ungreat Triumvirate”, which includes Markus and his two most prominent supporters, Duke Bradley of Dullahan and President Giovanni Tomelleri of Smithville. Suzuki has created a list of measures, which can be viewed here, that she and her supporters would like to see enacted by administration in response to the boycott. So far, the measures have the support of representatives from Madrona, Pacem, Dreska, and Hodiny in addition to New Starland.

The second camp, spearheaded by Major Executive Lancelot Rice of the Universal Triumvirate (not to be confused with the “Ungreat Triumvirate”), would have nations officially close their embassies on the MicroWiki forums until administration complies with suitable punishment for Markus. As of the time that this article was written,nations taking this path include Cinnamon Creek and Whestcorea, as well as the Universal Triumvirate. Others, notably Noland, have expressed support for this move, but have decided not to close their embassies.

First Consul Jordan Brizendine called a meeting of his Cabinet to address the issue, and it was decided that Delvera would take a slightly different approach. The Delveran Consulate and Ministry of State will not officially support either camp, neither endorsing the boycott nor closing the Delveran embassy. They will, however, ignore the posts and threads of the offending parties in order to attempt to diffuse the situation. Furthermore, the Grand Republic will not support the banning of the offenders, but neither will it oppose such action. This plan is generally in concordance with the non-interventionism inherent in Delveran foreign affairs, but allows for the expression of the Grand Republic’s dissatisfaction with the behavior of Markus and others.

Additionally, in light of these events, diplomatic talks that were in progress between Delvera and Smithville have been suspended pending a resolution of this situation.

UPDATE: Grand Protector Suzuki has rescinded her accusations of President Tomelleri of Smithville, stating that she mislabeled him as a member of the “Ungreat Triumvirate” without looking at his supposed violations beforehand. Instead, she proposes a boycott of Emperor Paolo I of Trebia for occassional supportive remarks on behalf of Markus and defense of the Spanish Encomienda system. The Delveran Ministry of State will resume diplomacy with Smithville as a result.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine