LAVRADA – As of today, ownership of the Lavrada Bannerman has been transferred from the City of Lavrada (and by extension, the Lavrasian and Delveran governments) to Jordan Brizendine, founder and editor-in-chief of the publication. This was done in order to promote the traditionally Delveran ideology of the superiority of private enterprise over government programs, and also to give the Bannerman more freedom to publish articles not directly related to affairs of the state.

A Delveran State News Media group, under the joint direction of the Ministries of State and the Interior, has also been created. This group will oversee the Grand Republic’s Facebook page and Twitter account, which shall continue to make press releases dealing with state affairs. The Bannerman encourages those interested in the goings on in Delvera to follow these sources as well as this paper.

In light of these changes, as well the introduction of a new Delveran flag, the Bannerman’s appearance has been changed. The new header was designed by Dylan Callahan.

The Bannerman will continue to report on events in Lavrada, Lavrasia, and Delvera. The switch to private ownership will not radically reduce the content of the publication, but should instead expand it. Editor-in-Chief Brizendine would like to extend an invitation to others (Delverans and foreigners alike) to become correspondents for the Bannerman. All who are interested may email him at sarky117@gmail.com.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine