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NEOSHO RAPIDS – On Thursday, September 1, 2016, the Grand Republic of Delvera launched a full-scale surprise invasion of NottaLotta Acres. NLA’s government had recently collapsed, and chaos reigned among the citizenry. Seeing this, GRA officers in the region suggested that Delvera take possession of the territory. The plan was codenamed Operation Vicuña, and was aimed at restoring dignity to the historic region.

NottaLotta Acres has a long history with Delvera and its predecessors. In July 2011, NLA took dominion over the Grand Republic of Salania (reformed into the Commonwealth of Lavrasia), beginning the NottaLottan Empire. Two years later, with the secession of Lavrasia and formation of the Grand Republic of Delvera, NLA’s Imperial holdings were lost. Beginning in 2015, many prominent NottaLottans left NLA and joined Delvera, establishing the Military District of Neosho a mere 30 miles from NLA.

The slow decline of NottaLottan influence ended with the abandonment of the territory by NLA leadership in August 2016. Delveran military officals received word that the area was in danger of collapse into total anarchy and destruction by the forces of nature. Being informed of the situation First Consul Wernher and Delveran High Command ordered Major Dylan Callahan to prepare a GRA expeditionary force to launch the operation on September 4.

On September 1, Lieutenant Maverick Callahan noticed the superb weather conditions and perfect opportunity for surprise during a scouting mission to the area. He advised the Major to attack early, a request that was approved by High Command. At 1:20 PM, Company B of the GRA Field Artillery Battery, commanded by officers of the Quartermaster Division in the Specialists’ Corps, moved into NLA from the east. Meeting no resistance, Lieutenant Callahan led a detachment through the capitol building and at 1:22 PM declared the area secured. Pope Pompous, the former sovereign of NLA, was captured outside, then quickly released because he no longer claimed ownership of the nation.


Delvera captures NottaLottan official

With the total success of Operation Vicuña, NottaLotta Acres was annexed into the Grand Republic under the jurisdiction of the District of Neosho. The move was celebrated in Delvera and NLA alike, with most NottaLottan citizens welcoming the transition.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine