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LAVRADA – After renewed military, political, legislative, and diplomatic activity, the Wernher Administration has declared the activity crisis to be resolved as of September 11, according to the Delveran State Media’s Twitter feed.

The Delveran Armed Services are on the move, with the success of Operation Vicuña and the intensive planning of future military exercises underway. In mid-July, the High Command Central Headquarters building was completed in Lavrasia, marking the end of the longest running military operation to date, Operation Fortitude (which began in June 2012). Currently, the structure is being outfitted with the most advanced communications equipment available in Delvera, as well as some luxuries that will ensure comfort for the soldiers that will live and work within.

The Chamber of Deputies met on September 10-11, passing a wide variety of legislation that will affect many aspects of the Grand Republic. These include the Rules and Order Act, which outlines how Chamber meetings are to officially operate, a Declaration of Delveran Independence, a document asserting the independence of the Grand Republic from the United States, the Articles of Open Affiliation, which detail the relationship of Delvera and Delveran citizens with their macronational neighbors, two Amendments to the Delveran Constitution, regarding the election of the Vice Consul and the establishment of Military Districts, and an Amendment to the Delveran Writ of Rights, adding “religion” to the list of attributes which cannot be used to discriminate against potential citizens. The name of the national currency was changed to the Curo, and Mando’a was removed from the list of official national languages. This session was a landmark event for the legislature, and an excellent indication of newfound energy and activity.

During the Chamber session, Supreme Justice Christian Newton made a ruling regarding Deputy attendance, stating “When a Deputy fails to perform his/her duties by voting in the Chamber of Deputies, this action is considered abstaining by default, therefore leaving no vote.” This marks Newton’s first official ruling since his appointment to the position of Supreme Justice in July.

Diplomatic talks are underway between the Grand Republic and the Empire of Austenasia, a situation permitted due to the status of Delvera as a legal successor to NottaLotta Acres. Normally, Austenasia does not open relations with micronations, but the Empire does maintain diplomatic ties with those that formerly held relations with it, a group that includes NLA. Minister of State Jordan Brizendine has appointed Dylan Callahan, the only Delveran citizen holding an Austenasian Knighthood, Ambassador to the Empire. Brizendine has also expressed interest in opening relations with Karnia-Ruthenia, including appointing Christian Newton, who holds dual citizenship within the nations, Ambassador.

Delvera’s leaders continue to work tirelessly to maintain the renewed activity, encouraging all citizens to become more involved in the affairs of their nation, not only for its improvement, but theirs as well.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine