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LAVRADA – The Lavrasian Triumvirate met in Lavrada last night, primarily to discuss a proposal for a new flag and the status of the Territory of Avannia. The Triumvirate, composed of the Chief Executor (Governor), Chief Legislator (Deputy), and Chief Justicar, is the governing body of the Commonwealth, with each member representing one of the three branches of government.

The new Provincial Standard, designed by Chief Executor Jordan Brizendine, consists of a red, white, and green horizontal tricolor emblazoned with the Lavrasian Cross and Triquetra. The flag is steeped in regional symbolism, with the colors reflecting those of the Salanian states, precursors to the modern province that existed in the region starting in 2008. The Roman numerals “MMVIII” in the center of the triquetra (itself a throwback) memorialize this historic year. The cross is a combination of old and new imagery, a fusion of the old Cross of Salania and the Iron Cross of the region’s previous banner. The new flag was designed primarily because of a nationwide push for new, original symbols.


New Lavrasian Provincial Standard

The other major issue during the Triumvirate meeting was that of the Territory of Avannia, a now totally inactive region. Avannia, which started as one of the original four provinces of Delvera, was plagued with inactivity from the beginning of its existence in 2013. Three successive Governors, each more active than the last, failed to rectify this problem, leading to the devolution of the province into a territory under Lavrasia’s guardianship in May. Earlier this month, the territory’s Administrator was fired for inactivity, leaving the region with only one citizen (who no longer resided within the sphere of influence) and no claimed physical territory. In light of these factors, the Triumvirate decided to formally disestablish the territory and remove Cole County from Lavrasia’s sphere of influence. The sole remaining citizen retained his Lavrasian citizenship, however.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine