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CLANSTON – The Province of Colo has officially dissolved its government today, choosing to devolve into a territory under the guardianship of Lavrasia. This decision comes after a period of marked inactivity by all Colonian citizens except for the governor, John Goldsmith. Mr. Goldsmith had discussed the idea with Lavrasian Governor Jordan Brizendine prior to the move, meeting approval from him and the rest of the Lavrasian Triumvirate.

Colo will be permitted to keep its flag and coat of arms, and the Lavrasian Articles of Governance will be amended to allow for them.

The devolution of Colo leaves Lavrasia the sole Delveran province. This creates a rather unsavory situation in which Lavrasia completely controls the legislature of the Grand Republic. Chamber President Brizendine hopes that the situation can be remedied in the near future.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine