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LAVRADA – Delveran High Command has just released further details of its latest campaign, Operation Genesis. Beginning as a routine intelligence survey of the controversial nearby state of New Israel, the mission soon uncovered evidence of a conspiracy of Biblical proportions.

In plying through simple Google search results for New Israel, its predecessor state Freedomia, and its Emperor Markus II, Army Intelligence discovered a number of controversies surrounding the disestablishment of Freedomia and the creation of New Israel. Apparently, during a turbulent period in February 2013, a sizeable group of Freedomian citizens broke away after Markus ignored the results of a referendum which almost unanimously removed him from power. They formed a provisional government with a new Senate (after Markus dissolved the existing one) and a new Emperor (Titus I) and set out to liberate several regions of Freedomia that desired independence from the Christian theocracy that the Emperor had set up with Pende of Saxony. The movement was strong enough that its adherents set up several websites including a forum, Twitter page, and WordPress site. It seems that the government-in-exile failed in their goals, with the last sign of activity coming from a Twitter post on August 31, 2013.

In the latter days of the movement, the freedom fighters took drastic action to discredit Markus and expose the truth. After renaming themselves “New Israel” in order to tarnish the name of the illegitimate Empire, they released some personal information about Markus, including his real name: Mark Williams (which was apparently used in official capacity before his “ascension”). There is evidence that they were threatened by the Emperor, which they responded to with threats of their own, namely releasing more “FreedomiaLeaks”. None of this was mentioned on the wiki, save perhaps a few vague comments here and there. This historical revisionism was interesting, but it did not affect current diplomatic affairs, and thus did not warrant an immediate response from the Delveran government.

After further digging, Army Intelligence successfully located two members of the New Israeli government listed on the Empire’s wiki page and contacted them, hoping for information on the current state of Williams’ regime. A Delveran agent introduced himself to Prince-Elector Landon I of the Kingdom of Strain-Japan and the Grand Duchy of Hilde-Stanton and Prince-Elector Quinton I of the Free City of Sullivan, asking them to provide information for a report on local micronations. The discussion with Landon I can be seen here:


Quinton I simply answered “None of the above, sorry dude.” These responses clearly showed inactivity in New Israel, but it was a message from Garrett Piofcyk of the Republic of Legendstries, a nation which supposedly went to war with New Israel in March 2011, that drew the most attention:

These telling results led Army Intelligence to the conclusion that New Israel in its current form has (at most) three citizens, and that many aspects of the nation are merely figments of its Emperor’s imagination. With this data, the Delveran government attempted to contact Mr. Williams over several channels, delivering this ultimatum on September 14:

“Your Majesty,

You should know that we have come across quite a bit of evidence that will shine a light on the true history and present state of your nation. We have prepared a list of demands that you must accede to in a timely manner, or we will release the information to the community.

1. Update the information about your claims, area of control, population, and government official functions to reflect reality.

2. At your discretion, bearing in mind our ability to find fact in all cases, add the “fantasy” template to the wiki articles about your wars where appropriate.

3. Remove the section about your “military” from your wiki page.

4. Reveal the true history of your nation and its predecessors that you have attempted to cover up.

5. Issue an apology to the community for your inflammatory behavior, including a statement about how you plan to improve it in the future.

Failure to comply will result in serious sanctions and inevitable ramifications in the intermicronational community.

FC Werhner and MoS Brizendine
Grand Republic of Delvera”

After a period of eight days in which Emperor Markus failed to meet the terms of the demands (or indeed issue a response of any kind), the Grand Republic has made good on its promise.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine