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NORVLAND – Last Friday, September 23, Mr. Christian Newton resigned all of his posts in the Grand Republic and dissolved the Military District of Norden, a 10 acre region of Delvera surrounded by the US state of North Carolina. Newton, who was serving as Supreme Justice of the High Court and an officer in the Grand Republican Army, had become involved in the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia in May and had since ascended to positions of great responsibility in the Imperial government and military. His decision to leave was based on this dual commitment, which he felt lowered the quality of his service to both nations. His statement to the Cabinet follows:


As we all know, this is generally not an easy choice to make. But, considering the roles that I serve in both nations, the most logical thing for me to do at this time would be to stay with Karnia-Ruthenia. I had always had a small feeling that this day would come, but I guess that is the price to pay when serving more than one nation. I can only hope that this action will not ruin the friendships I have made here, and I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors. I hope that I have made a positive impact here, and that my name will be remembered.

With this, I respectfully remove the Nordenian Military Administrative District from the jurisdiction of the Grand Republic, and hereby resign my military and government positions.

Thank you all for the hospitality,

– Christian Newton”

First Consul Nikias Wernher, Vice Consul Jordan Brizendine, and Minister of Commerce Dylan Callahan were supportive of Newton’s choice, voicing understanding of his reasoning and bearing no ill will against him. Newton was honorably discharged from the GRA as a Lieutenant and assured that his Delveran friendships would remain intact.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine