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LAVRADA – Minister of State Jordan Brizendine today announced the new foreign policy of the Grand Republic. In a radical departure from precedent, Delvera will move from the existing policy of recognition of all nations that claim sovereignty to non-recognition, on the basis that a nation does not need recognition to exist. This Molossia-esque viewpoint will not affect existing treaties with other nations, which will remain in force, nor will it prevent future relations and treaties.

The second part of Brizendine’s policy involves nations which Delvera will engage in relations with. There has been no clear doctrine on this subject up to this point, leading to ambiguity and confusion when considering potential new relations. The Ministry of State has resolved that the Grand Republic will from this date refrain from entering into relations with simulationist nations, which do not maintain real territory or physical institutions, and nations that do not control any of the physical territory which they claim.

The tiers of Delveran relations (Informal, Friendship, and Alliance) and the procedures for entering into relations at any level will remain unchanged.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine