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(The Bannerman is pleased to present the first article written by our new Neoshan correspondent, Mrs. Hannah Callahan.)

NEOSHO RAPIDS – In a recent press conference, Vice Consul Jordan Brizendine announced that Delveran intelligence has “begun a second operation, codenamed Exodus”.  He went on to state that Operation Exodus will focus on “bringing about Markus’ compliance with the demands laid out by Operation Genesis earlier this month.”  The operation is meant to culminate in Markus renouncing his claims and possibly being exiled to another micronation.

Exodus will apparently include “revealing further information divulged by Operation Genesis” as well as revising wiki pages to reflect the findings of Operation Genesis, a process which is already underway. While other details are scarce at this point, First Consul Wernher stated that “For every level of resistance, there is a level of recourse.”

The First Consul also stated that peace is their goal, and that he would not allow “military resources to be drained in useless wars or conflict”. He also stressed that Delvera would not “become a policeman of the intermicronational community”.

Army Chief of Staff Dylan Callahan encouraged the other micronations to show their support by standing in solidarity with the demands placed on Markus and letting him know that “his time as an antagonizer is over.” He asked that other micronations “who value integrity in the intermicronational community participate in our operation to the extent that we force him to capitulate.”

Both Callahan and Brizendine spoke of the fact that they are “very concerned about personal privacy”. They emphasized the need to ensure the privacy of those who were used by Markus, and announced that some information would never be disclosed to the public.

However, Delveran officials also stressed their desire to bring the truth to light, stating, “we intend to be completely transparent as the timeline continues to its conclusion.”

Reporter: Hannah Callahan