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LAVRADA – As per the stated goals of Operation Exodus, Delveran Army Intelligence’s latest mission aimed at New Israel’s total compliance with the demands presented during Operation Genesis, High Command has allowed for the release of further evidence against the legitimacy of the New Israeli state. While Genesis was still ongoing, Jordan Brizendine had the chance to interview two respectable members of the MicroWiki community with firsthand knowledge of Mark Williams’ Empire.

In a discussion about the physical location of New Israel, Duke Dylan of Hodiny stated that he had traveled through the heart of Williams’ claimed territory numerous times. He went on to say that he had at no point seen any evidence to indicate that New Israel controlled or even had a presence in the area, making a statement for press release to that effect. However, in order to respect the Duke’s personal wishes, which specified that he be permitted to view an article containing his statement before it was published, the Bannerman will not release the text due to Hodiny’s recent departure from the community.

Johannes Andreassuun of the Angle-Saxish Commonwealth proved to be another wealth of information, this time on the inner workings of the New Israeli government. The discussion between him and Brizendine was as follows:

Brizendine: “I am very interested to know the details of your feud with Markus. Are/were you a citizen of the Holy Empire? What (if anything) prompted Markus to go on a tirade about you?

I don’t mean to pry, but I’d like to understand this matter more clearly. Thank you for your time.”

Andreassuun: “I am not sure if you remember the Kingdom of West Germania, but I was the leader of that nation. It became an imperial state of New Israel, but about two years ago when I tried to break away there was a huge dispute involving other micronations. This dispute was resolved, leading to reunification.

However, Markus recently converted to Roman Catholicism and has ever since grown increasingly hostile towards me and Protestantism in general. He is an extremely zealous Catholic now. He also continues to rant about that dispute which happened all that time ago.

My nation, the Angle-Saxish Commonwealth, is not part of New Israel.”

Brizendine: “Thank you for the information. If I may ask, how much do you know about the inner workings of New Israel? Are there any voices besides those of Markus, or has he repressed all dissent, as he has suggested others do?”

Andreassuun: “During my time in New Israel, it had very few citizens. I think there were perhaps one or two other people involved in Markus’s locality, but they weren’t politically active and I had no communication with them. All of the decrees were issued by him. Sometimes he did not even discuss them with me; the decree which led to the final break-up was “quietly promulgated” – in his own words. I discovered it several days later. So New Israel was very much a Markus cult.”

After the release of “A Cathedral of Cards”, Brizendine reached out to Paolo Emilio I of Trebia, a leading member of the Holy League and a known associate of Williams, about the findings therein. A transcript of their correspondence is below:

Brizendine: “I’d like to know where you stand on the information revealed in my article, A Cathedral of Cards. Do the findings therein affect the relationship between Trebia and New Israel? Are you comfortable with Markus remaining the President of the Holy League? Can we expect a statement from you, the League, or any of New Israel’s other allies about this?

Thank you for your time.”

Emilio: “I would like a statement from Markus himself before acting regarding on our diplomacy. I’m impressed by the information revealed, but I take it with a grain of salt, because it might be biased. Markus has made mistakes in dealing with the micronational community, and has made lots of enemies. While I’m frowned upon, I wouldn’t say anybody here is my enemy (not even the most left wing, prochoice hippy).

However, information regarding me and Markus as president of the Holy League is being kept confidential for non member states of the League. That’s all I can say.”

As of the writing of this article, there had been no public activity on the Holy League forums since September 2, the date of Williams’ last visit to the boards. No confirmed statements from the New Israeli Emperor, nor indeed any form of contact, have surfaced since his ban from the MicroWiki forums on September 11.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine