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LAVRADA – The Chamber of Deputies passed the Special Recognition Act on Thursday, October 13. This piece of legislation allows the Council of Governors to create and confer civilian awards on behalf of the Confederal government. Nominations for these awards are received by the Council, which approves new recipients by majority vote, after which the First Consul presents the award.


Ribbon of the Order of Liberty (unchanged)

The first two awards to be created under the guidelines of this act were the Order of Liberty and the Meritorious Volunteer Service Award. The Order of Liberty, awarded for “especially meritorious contribution[s] to the furtherance of the Grand Republic, the cause of micronationalism, or other significant public or private endeavors,” is awarded in three classes. It was conferred upon three inaugural members on October 14: Jordan Brizendine (1st Class), Dylan Callahan (2nd Class), and Joseph Marx (3rd Class). The stated reasons for each nomination are as follows:

Joseph Marx: for “…[his] efforts in resolving the 2015 Land Claims Crisis, including signing of the Missouri Compact and authorship of the Missouri Proclamation, as well as [his] continual work to maintain a peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship between the Grand Republic and the North American Confederation…”

Dylan Callahan: for “…[his] significant contributions to the furtherance of the Grand Republic, including development of the economy from the ground up as Minister of Commerce, authorship of numerous pieces of national legislation, constant efforts to improve activity via creation and advocacy of the Callahan Plan, and advancement of diplomacy as Ambassador to Austenasia…”

Jordan Brizendine: for “…[his] significant contributions to the Grand Republic, including acting as the primary force for independence from the NottaLottan Empire and the foundation of the nation, conceiving the organization of the government and authoring the Delveran Constitution, Writ of Rights, and Military Regulations, among other documents, building the Delveran Armed Services from the ground up and recording and publishing media on the process, instigating and overseeing many reforms during [his] tenure as First Consul, and establishing strong diplomatic relations with several other nations as Minister of State…”

The Delveran Armed Services also created a new system of awards, including different medals for five major military campaigns in Delveran history, two awards for valor, an award for campaign merit, and a ribbon for long service. Dylan Callahan was additionally presented with the Legion of Merit, the second highest award in precedence, for “…[his] exemplary service during Operation Genesis, especially [his] tireless efforts in research that far exceeded [his] mandated duties…”

The new awards replaced the existing system, which Delveran leaders believed to be too large and complicated, as well as too similar to United States military medal designs. Previous awards granted by the Grand Republic and its predecessor, the Commonwealth of Lavrasia, were rescinded (with a few exceptions) and replaced by new awards were applicable.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine