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Note: Due to a publishing delay, all instances of “today” are in reference to “yesterday”.

NEOSHO RAPIDS – Today, on the 21st of October, the Military District of Neosho officially becomes the Province of Neosho.

Citizens of Neosho voted on the issue last month, and the result was unanimously in favor of becoming a province. Previously, citizens of Neosho had no say in local government, nor could they elect officials or vote in the Chamber of Deputies or Council of Governors. This change of status will allow Neoshan citizens to create and contribute to local government, while also removing the area from military control.

Neosho originally joined Delvera on December 22nd of last year. This resulted some criticism being leveled towards Jordan Brizendine, who was both First Consul and Supreme Commander of the Delveran Armed Services at the time, over the admittance of Neosho into Delvera as a military district.

Because an arrangement such as this had not been foreseen, no guidelines regarding it had been set forth in the Delveran Constitution. The guidelines for a protectorate were similar, but did not involve military control. While there was no constitutional prohibition which kept the military from owning land or controlling a district, the unprecedented arrangement was frowned upon by certain citizens who felt Brizendine was exploiting the unforeseen loophole.

Dylan Callahan, who is both the Army Chief of Staff and the Neoshan who originally proposed that Neosho join Delvera as a Military District, is in favor of the change. When asked to explain his reasoning, he cited the growing population as one of his reasons for now desiring the status of province, as well as the fact that Neosho had “little autonomy as a military district” and that “adding our voices to the confederal Chamber of Deputies” would also be beneficial.

As Callahan mentioned, the size of Neosho’s citizenry has seen much growth since last December. At that time, Neosho had a mere three citizens. Now, that total has increased to fourteen. Neosho also annexed NottaLotta Acres, which allowed the disorganized and long-dormant government of NLA to come to a dignified end.

After applying for provincial status, Neoshans held a vote to determine who would fill the offices of Governor and Deputy. Maverick Callahan was selected for governor by a vote of 5 to 0, and for the role of Deputy, Hannah Callahan was chosen by a vote of 4 to 0.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan