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LAVRADA – The Delveran Armed Services Central Headquarters was completed in July, but it only began to see permanent habitation beginning in November. It was at this time that the building was equipped with a heating unit and mattresses, providing more comfortable living conditions for the DAS personnel stationed within.

Among other features, the Central Headquarters includes seven sleeping spaces, heating and air conditioning systems, wifi access, and numerous electrical outlets. It was built on Lavrasian territory within the city of Lavrada, but transferred to Confederal control after it was completed. It is meant to serve as an administrative and logistical headquarters, as well as a barracks and storage area for military supplies.

In other news, Major Bob Monroe was recently honorably discharged from Confederal service, transferring to a command position in the Lavrasian Militia. This came as a result of Monroe’s increasingly busy schedule, which hampered his ability to perform his duties as DAS Adjutant Supreme Commander. He was replaced in this role by Major Dylan Callahan.

With Monroe’s reassignment, the Delveran Cavalry Regiment has been deactivated, its remaining personnel having been transferred to the Infantry.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine