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(The Bannerman staff apologizes for the long publishing hiatus)

NEOSHO RAPIDS – On Wednesday, November 23, Confederal officials visited Neosho for the conduct of military and government business. Lavrasians Nikias Wernher, Jordan Brizendine, and Victor Sarkozy travelled to Neosho Rapids, where they were hosted by Mr. Dylan Callahan and Mrs. Hannah Callahan, who served lunch. This marked the first visit of Lavrasian citizens to Neoshan territory. Many gifts were exchanged during the visit, as is the custom whenever Lavrasians and Neoshans meet. These included articles of clothing and small trinkets.


High Command Meeting. From left: SGT Victor Sarkozy (acting Army SNCO), COL  Jordan Brizendine (Supreme Commander), CPT Nikias Wernher (Army Adjutant CoS), MAJ Dylan Callahan (Adjutant Supreme Commander).

To begin formal proceedings, DAS High Command held a meeting, amending the Military Regulations and evaluating current uniforms. Supreme Commander Jordan Brizendine named Mr. Callahan his Adjutant. Afterward, the Chamber of Deputies held a session in which the constitutionality of the Republican Military Protectorate was deliberated. Following that, the Wernher Cabinet met to discuss matters of state and the economy. Provincial banks and copper reserves topped the economic agenda, while the state discussion centered on public relations. Official business in Neosho Rapids concluded with a review of Neoshan ordinance in the munitions storehouse.

Later, Mr. Callahan accompanied the Lavrasians to NottaLotta Acres, where they met with Neoshan Governor Maverick Callahan. The Callahans proceeded to conduct their guests on a tour of the territory, pointing out areas of strategic and historical interest. The group discussed plans to revitalize NLA’s decaying infrastructure and restore its former glory. Governor Callahan was appointed Minister of the Interior, and it was decided that the Neoshan capital would be moved from Neosho Rapids to NLA. Finally, the group said farewell to the Governor and returned to Neosho Rapids, with the Lavrasians departing later in the afternoon.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine