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LAVRADA – Earlier today, Delveran State Media released two documents issued by the Ministry of State and a follow up statement by Minister Jordan Brizendine further describing the effects of the new policies contained within. The documents, the Declaration of Influence and Exclusivity and the Definition of a Legitimate State, outline the establishment of the Delveran Sphere of Influence and criteria for recognition of an entity as a state by the Delveran government respectively.

The Declaration created the Delveran Sphere of Influence, which is a region in which the Grand Republic claims exclusive rights to cultural, military, political, and economic development and expansion. The area spans about 500,000 square miles and covers parts of the US states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. The document stipulates that the area of the Sphere may be altered through negotiation with other sovereign states.


Approximated render of the Delveran Sphere of Influence (courtesy of Mr. Dylan Callahan).

Exactly what constitutes these sovereign states is defined by the second document. The Definition enumerates five requirements for statehood in the eyes of the Grand Republic: adherence to the Montevideo Convention, proof of citizenry, proof of territory, a serious working government, and activity that corresponds to national character. The document further states that no entities which do not meet these requirements will be considered a state by the Confederal government.

Finally, the Minister’s statement (which can be viewed on the new government website here) clarifies some misconceptions that he anticipated would arise from specific parts of the documents, as well as providing three rationales for the move. These are historical precedence, interest and capability, and citizenry currently residing in the area. Brizendine also explained that the new documents did not conflict with the foreign policy he announced earlier this year.

While these developments have been supported by most Delverans, some critics have decried perceived imperialist motivations, particularly regarding the Declaration. Minister Brizendine attempted to alleviate some of these concerns in his statement, which emphasized the facts that the Sphere does not constitute a territorial claim and that its boundaries can be altered through diplomatic discourse.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine