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NOTTALOTTA ACRES – Maverick Callahan has been involved in micronational matters for many years, since the days of NottaLotta Acres. His latest contributions have included serving as Governor of Neosho, and he was also recently appointed Minister of the Interior by Consul Wernher during the Confederal visit to Neosho.


Maverick Callahan, former Minister of the Interior and Governor of Neosho.

However, on the 20th of December Gov. Callahan announced to several citizens of Neosho that he wished to step down from his Delveran positions and citizenship. When asked about his reasons for leaving, he cited other demands upon his time and energy as a primary cause for this decision.

While Delvera is sorry to see him leave, his departure is not expected to cause governmental instability or chaos. The duties of Minister of the Interior will automatically revert to Consul Wernher until another Minister can be appointed. Meanwhile, the province of Neosho is currently in the process of setting up a special gubernatorial election to fill the provincial position that Callahan vacated.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan