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NEOSHO RAPIDS – On the 29th of December, the confederal cabinet met in Neosho to review the state of the nation and to discuss plans for the upcoming year.

Nearly every member of the cabinet was able to attend, with the exception of Minister of Justice Cilley. Consul Wernher, President Brizendine, Minister of Commerce Callahan, Sec. of Conservation Sarkozy, and Sec. of Confederal Post Callahan were physically present, while Minister of the Interior Newton and Sec. of State Media Steffen participated via video conference.  Prince Alexander of the Grand Principality of the Danube was also present as an observer.


The cabinet meeting began with various reports on the state of Delvera. These included reports on the state of the nation, government, state, economy, and infrastructure.

To accomplish a variety of goals, several subcommittees were formed. These include a Propaganda Committee, to develop ads for Delvera; a Coat of Arms Committee in charge of designing a coat of arms; an Elections Committee dedicated to overseeing the upcoming 2017 confederal elections; a MicroCon 2017 Committee responsible for planning a delegation to this year’s Micronational Convention, and a Census committee in charge of setting up the 2017 Delveran census.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan