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NEOSHO RAPIDS – The Council of Governors met on Thursday, December 29 in Neosho Rapids to discuss the state of relations between the Grand Republic of Delvera and other micronations. In keeping with the newly codified Definition of a Legitimate State, the Council decided to rescind numerous treaties of friendship with entities that Delvera no longer recognizes as legitimate micronations.

The Council voted to rescind treaties with the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, the Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell, the Kingdom of Loquntia, the Duchy of Hodiny, and the Federated States of Noveria on the grounds that all of these nations failed to meet one or more requirements of the Definition. Combined with the Ministry of State’s ending of all current informal relations, this left the North American Confederation, the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg, and the Empire of Austenasia the only remaining micronations with diplomatic ties to Delvera.

Lavrasian Governor Jordan Brizendine expressed regret at the mass ending of relations, revealing that he was initially hesitant to propose revisiting existing treaties in the Council for fear of damaging friendships with citizens of the entities with which ties were cut. He specified the reasoning for each treaty rescind proposal to the Council, emphasizing the legal rather than personal motivations behind the move. He went on to say that the Council’s actions were not necessarily denouncements of the individuals or micronational entities in question, and that Delvera should be willing to aid any micronation on the path to legitimacy.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine