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(This article is a synopsis of unreported major events in Delvera over the past two months. The Editor apologizes to all readers for the obscene delay.)

COLONIA – On December 29, 2016, the Military District of Norden was readmitted into the Grand Republic, this time comprised of territory in the US state of Pennsylvania. Administrator Christian Newton was enlisted in the Delveran Armed Services as a Master Sergeant, becoming the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Grand Republican Army and vowing to reform the Delveran Rangers. In addition, Consul Pemberton appointed Newton to the position of Minister of the Interior, which had been vacant since the resignation of Maverick Callahan nine days earlier. Upon taking office, Newton began working to conduct a national census and organize the Consular debates and elections, which will be held in July. In October 2016, Newton had resigned from all of his positions and dissolved his military district, which was then located in North Carolina.

Following a constitutional amendment on December 31, the first colony of the Grand Republic was established in the US state of New Mexico. The colony, later named Chapuline, was founded by Samuel Johnson for the purpose of conducting scientific research and developing agricultural products to fuel the national economy. Johnson was appointed Secretary of the newly created Department of Science, a subsidiary of the Ministry of the Interior. In late January 2017, Johnson replaced Newton as Minister of the Interior. Johnson began his program of agricultural development soon after the colony’s admittance, starting with the seeding of the first Delveran tea crop. He outlined many other projects and proposals, some more ambitious than others. Of these, work has progressed on the tea, tobacco, and apple crops, as well as the preliminary construction of a foundry for casting metal. Johnson was previously the President of the Democratic Republic of Doronis, a micronation that had been a Dependency of the Grand Republic for approximately three weeks before disbanding in April 2016.


Crops growing in Chapuline

January 31 saw the resignation of Jordan Brizendine from the positions of Minister of State, Supreme Commander of the DAS, and Governor of Lavrasia, citing inability to perform assigned duties. Brizendine had served in the first position for six months and the latter two for nearly four years. He also resigned his commission as a Major in the DAS, transferring himself to the Lavrasian Militia, in which he enlisted at an unspecified rank. Brizendine retained the position of President of the Grand Republic, although he announced that he would not seek reelection for any positions during the next election cycle. Consul Pemberton appointed Captain Dylan Callahan to the position of Supreme Commander on the following day, and Victor Sarkozy was named acting Governor of Lavrasia. The Minister of State post remained vacant, with the Consul personally assuming the appropriate duties.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine