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LAVRADA – The first quarterly drill of the Delveran Armed Services was held this past Monday, on February 20th. The drill was attended by Delverans from Lavrasia, Zancudo, and Neosho.

Upon the arrival of Supreme Commander Callahan, Consul Pemberton was charged with negligence of the law, ignorance of the law, and acting under coercion. Impeachment proceedings began at 10:45 within the Chamber. President Brizendine recused himself due to a conflict of interest, as he was next in the line of succession for consul. Supreme Commander Callahan was therefore instated as acting-President. Consul Pemberton pled guilty. During the course of his defense, Consul Pemberton stated that it was true that he did not have a very good grasp of the laws, but that he had been recently educating himself on Delveran law. He defended his recent actions in the Chamber by saying he only acted as advised by the President, and charged the President for neglecting his duties. Consul Pemberton was found not guilty by reason of extenuating circumstances.

President Brizendine was then impeached for negligence of his duties. He defended himself by stating that he had not neglected any legal obligations. His trial also ended with him being found not guilty.

Colonial Governor Johnson was impeached on charges of coercing the government and misusing the responsibilities of his office. The Chamber delayed his trial until he was able to participate via video conference and briefly adjourned for lunch. Once Johnson was able to meet the Chamber reconvened. A plea deal was offered to the Governor, who accepted and pled guilty.

The Chamber also set the date for their next regular session, which is to be held on April 14th of this year.


DAS personnel form a firing line. From left: Dylan Callahan, Cole Sarkozy, Victor Sarkozy, and Jordan Brizendine

At this point, the Delveran militia set out to patrol the area. The extensive scouting venture lasted much of the afternoon, and tested the endurance and stamina of all involved.

Upon their return, the Consul, President, and Supreme Commander met with Joseph Marx of the NAC to discuss a variety of diplomatic topics. Their meeting was declared a success, with all parties satisfied with the results of their conference.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan