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NEOSHO RAPIDS – The Grand Republic of Delvera will be hosting an intermicronational congress later this year, beginning on the 12th of August.

According to announcements made on the Congress of Colo Facebook page, preliminary talks are currently in progress to determine the venue, format, and agenda of this congress.  Representatives include Dylan Callahan of Delvera, Joseph Marx of the North American Confederation, Christian Newton of Karnia-Ruthenia, and Jonathan Austen of Austenasia.

Emblem of the Congress of Colo

In an address to the Chamber of Deputies on June 28th, Minister of Commerce Dylan Callahan explained the purpose and goal for this congress by stating, “This convention will draft and adopt articles of standardization. Standardization in the areas of diplomacy, economics, sovereignty, and other matters of state.”

Those planning the Congress of Colo hope to set forth basic standards and principles for other micronations to consider and discuss.  Any laws resulting from the congress would be independently and voluntarily adopted by each micronation at their discretion following the event. As Minister Callahan reminded the Chamber, “The articles we draft and adopt will not be binding on this country. Not unless we apply them in accordance with our existing laws.”

 Reporter: Hannah Callahan