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COLONIA – The annual Consular elections were held in Delvera on July 5, nearly a month after the original scheduled date of June 11. The election timeline had been thrown into disarray after the abrupt departure of Minister of the Interior Sam Johnson in April. Johnson, who had charge of the Election Commission, did not release his voter registration data to the Consulate before he left, causing a breakdown of that system.

The two candidates in this year’s election were incumbent Casey Pemberton and challenger Dylan Callahan, who had served as Minister of Commerce for the past 18 months and Supreme Commander of the Delveran Armed Services since the resignation of Major Brizendine in February. The candidates had participated in a debate on February 9, while a second debate on March 10 became a livestream of Callahan after Pemberton was forced to cancel last minute. The scheduled third debate never took place.



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Callahan won a majority of votes in both provinces, with a 3-2 vote reported by officials in Lavrasia and a 2-1 vote reported in Neosho for a total of 5-3 nationally. No territorial or colonial citizens voted in this year’s elections. Pemberton was confirmed as President by the Chamber of Deputies at 5:59 on the same day, with Callahan being confirmed as Consul by the Council of Governors at 7:59.

The event raised some of the same issues as the 2016 election, chief of which was the confusion about voter registration. According to Delveran law, citizens must pay confederal taxes in order to vote in national elections. However, records of who has paid are not readily available, and there has been some confusion about how many installments of the monthly poll tax must be paid in order to vote, or if citizens who are in debt to the Confederal Bank should be allowed to vote. The 2017 Tax Reform Bill, passed by the Chamber on the same day, attempted to rectify some of these problems by establishing a billing system and allowing citizens to pay taxes in advance with no retroactive charges.

Thus far, Consul Callahan has appointed Jordan Brizendine to the post of Minister of the Interior. Brizendine’s appointment has not been confirmed by the time of this article’s publication, nor has Callahan appointed any other officials. However, he has indicated that Victor Sarkozy and John Goldsmith may be his picks for Supreme Commander and Minister of Commerce respectively.

UPDATE: Victor Sarkozy has been chosen by Callahan for the Supreme Commander position. Consul Callahan has stated that he will appoint no further Cabinet members at this time.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine