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LavrasiaLink is a recurring column focusing on local events in Lavrada and Lavrasia, the region in which this publication is based.

LAVRADA – The annual provincial elections took place in Lavrasia on July 5, immediately following the Confederal Consular Election. Casey Pemberton was elected Chief Executor (Governor) of the Commonwealth, while Jordan Brizendine was elected Chief Legislator (Deputy). Both candidates ran unopposed. Pemberton had held the Legislator position since its inception in 2015, while Brizendine had been Executor from 2015 to his resignation from the position in the middle of his term in February of this year.

Pemberton appointed Victor Sarkozy to the position of Chief Justicier, the third post in the Triumvirate, to replace incumbent Roseanna Cilley, whose two year term had expired. Sarkozy had been serving as provisional Executor since Brizendine’s resignation. The new Triumvirate plans to rework the Lavrasian Militia in accordance with the recent confederal military reforms and to revitalize the Commonwealth’s economy in the form of trade deals with the Protectorate.

Later in the evening, a small fireworks display was held in Lavrada as a send off for Legislator Brizendine, who planned to depart for employment in the People’s Republic of China on July 7. A banquet had also been held for Brizendine’s extended family and friends in the Protectorate on the previous Saturday. The Legislator’s trip was later delayed, and he will now leave on July 13 for the city of Shenzhen.


Recent months have seen a growing population of two species of fox in the area of the Protectorate. Both red and grey foxes have been seen often, with at least two grey foxes visiting a Protectorate resident’s yard to eat from a pan of cat food daily.


Grey fox eats cat food unmolested in the Protectorate.

The Commonwealth and the Protectorate have also become infested with Japanese Beetles, with which resident gardeners have had to contend most severely via pesticides.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine