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NEOSHO RAPIDS – On the first of June, Supreme Commander Callahan announced that he was releasing all confederal military personal from service, with the sole exception of those in the Army Intelligence.

According to the Supreme Commander, this move was made  to allow provinces to focus on their own militias, as well as to ensure that Delvera is not spending superfluous funds. He also stated, “It is also more constitutionally sound to not have a standing national military in time of peace.”

Following this announcement, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously passed the 2017 Confederal Military Resolution on the 28th of June. This resolution carefully spells out the war powers given to the Grand Republic of Delvera.

The resolution seeks to give provinces as much power as possible, and therefore prohibits the confederal government from declaring war, giving this ability to the provinces instead. It also officially prohibits the confederal government from having a permanent army, and limits the confederal military to the Supreme Commander and his staff.

The duties of the Supreme Commander are also enunciated. These duties include the responsibility to act as a liaison between provincial militias, to act as a guard for members of the confederal government, and to organized joint training exercises.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan