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LAVRADA – The new Lavrasian Triumvirate met in Conclave for the first time last night, discussing a number of topics which were ultimately passed into provincial law. The most significant reforms involved the adoption of provincial symbols, the specification of war powers, and the creation of a provincial treasury.

The Conclave affirmed the motto “Never Submit” and the anthem “Lavrasia Forever” as official provincial symbols, though both of these had been used in some capacity since 2015. A new coat of arms designed by Chief Legislator Jordan Brizendine, however, was the main point of interest.


New Lavrasian Arms

In response to the passage of the 2017 Confederal Military Resolution by the Chamber of Deputies, the Conclave added a war powers clause to the Articles of Governance, Lavrasia’s constitution. The new clause stipulates that the Triumvirate can declare war by a unanimous vote.

Finally, the Conclave passed the 2017 Provincial Treasury Act, establishing a means whereby the province can maintain its own accounts. The treasury’s assets are divided between a store of provincial bullion and an account in the Confederal Bank. The Triumvirate can issue promissory notes, which may be redeemed for currency or bullion, to service providers. The treasury was created to give the provincial government purchasing power and to help insulate the province in the event of a collapse of the confederal economy.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine