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The Congress of Colo, an intermicronational convention hosted by Delvera, convened this past Saturday on the 12th of August. The Bannerman previously covered the Congress here, and detailed the goals for the convention:

Those planning the Congress of Colo hope to set forth basic standards and principles for other micronations to consider and discuss.  Any laws resulting from the congress would be independently and voluntarily adopted by each micronation at their discretion following the event. As Minister Callahan reminded the Chamber, “The articles we draft and adopt will not be binding on this country. Not unless we apply them in accordance with our existing laws.”


The first session of the Congress was attended by delegations from Delvera, the North American Confederation, and Karnia-Ruthenia. The Austenasian delegation failed to attend.

Minutes from the session were released on the Congress of Colo’s Facebook page the following day. These reflect an optimistic tone, as the delegations discuss the proposed articles.

The conversation largely focused on the issues of micronational currency and economic policy. Ideas regarding intermicronational currency exchange rates, banking regulations, and stock exchanges were brought up, and all delegations appeared to be optimistic about the direction of the convention.

The second session of the Congress of Colo is scheduled for the 19th of August.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan