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On September 2nd, 2017, the Congress of Colo convened for the fourth and final time to present the last amendments and ratify the articles of the 2017 Convention on Intermicronational Order.

Once again, the Congress of Colo Facebook page released the minutes of the session. Discussion among delegates primarily focused on two final amendments to the articles.

The first amendment, presented by Delveran Delegate Jordan Brizendine, dealt with guidelines for intermicronational arbitration. Extensive discussion on the matter followed, and consideration of possible contingencies resulted in significant alterations to the amendment before it passed.

The final form of this amendment reads, “Disputes between micronations, when no bilateral solution can be reached, should be settled by arbitration of a third-party of multinational jurors of such composition as is agreeable to both parties.”

Joseph Marx, delegate for the North American Confederation, presented the second amendment regarding intermicronational sanctions. The text of this amendment, which was passed without dispute, is below:

“If a micronational government feels that punitive action against another micronational government or entity is required, and if no diplomatic arbitration can be reached, sanctions may rightly and lawfully be enacted, provided the reasons for the sanctions and the conditions under which they will be lifted are clearly specified.

“Reasons for imposing sanctions may include treaty or contract violations, intentional diplomatic impropriety, human rights violations, illegal actions within government, incurred economic damages, and the like.

“Sanctions against a micronation may include:
1. Embargo of trade
2. Imposing tariffs on imports
3. Imposing fines
4. Suspension of diplomatic relations”

With these final amendments added and the delegations all expressing their satisfaction with the Articles, the Congress heard closing statements from the delegations before closing. The sentiments expressed were overwhelmingly positive, with Delegate Marx stating that the Congress of Colo has been, in my mind, a resounding success and will undoubtedly be recalled as the first of many paradigm shifts for both our nations and the spirit of micronationalism as a whole…”

Christian Newton, of the Karnia-Ruthenian delegation, added that he “personally would love to incorporate these articles into the structure and governing documents of the micronations in which I lead, and be a role model to other micronations.”

Dylan Callahan, delegate and chairman, closed with the following remarks: On behalf of the Grand Republic of Delvera, I thank you all for herein embarking with us on what we believe to be the next great enlightenment  in the next great age of micronationalism.” 

Once the Congress adjourned for the final time the Facebook page publicly released the full text of the Articles, which can be read here.

The articles cover a variety of micronational topics. These include standards of diplomacy, economic standards, guidelines for intermicronational justice procedures, a resolution on micronational sovereignty, and a list of rights for citizens.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan