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The following has been reviewed and approved by government officials from the North American Confederation, the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, the Republic of Glastieve, and the Grand Republic of Delvera:

Earlier today, the state-run Austenasian Times published an article accusing the Delveran Minister of the Interior and Editor-in-Chief of the Bannerman, Jordan Brizendine, of attempting to incite a coup within the Empire. The article, which offers no evidence to support itself, is the latest incident in the Delveran-Austenasian Diplomatic Crisis, which began in early August after Emperor Jonathan I’s abrupt departure from the Congress of Colo and the subsequent Austenasian neglect of a long string of diplomatic communications from the Delveran government.

One week ago, the Austenasian Times released an unsourced article in response to the publishing of the story in the Bannerman. This release was refuted in its entirety, with extensive screenshots presented as proof, by the Consul on the Delveran State Media Facebook page. Prime Minister Rev. Joseph Marx of the North American Confederation also commented more extensively on the affair, publishing an editorial in the Bannerman the next day. Yet another diplomatic silence from Austenasia ensued.

These claims of a coup stem from a conversation on Skype between “Iron Lord” Daniel Dankovsky, alias Pavle Savovic, Director of Austenasia’s State Intelligence Agency, and Mr. Brizendine, who was seeking information about goings-on in the Empire via trolling Mr. Dankovsky. The full conversation can be found here, only redacted in parts for the sake of decency, as the vulgarity used by Mr. Savovic is quite graphic, and Mr. Brizendine’s responses were indicative of the innuendo and abusive language.

After enduring a withering assault of racial slurs and sexual innuendos from the “Iron Lord,” the following exchange took place:

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What the Grand Republic of Delvera’s Consul Dylan Callahan was aware of was the abusive language being used by Pavle in this and other Skype conversations being had by Pavle Savovic, and he asked Emperor Jonathan I if Savovic represented Austenasia in his statements.  It was eventually discovered hours later that Pavle was quietly noted as having received an award that very day:


It is clear there was no call, official or unofficial, for any kind of coup.  Mr. Brizendine was talking about the merits of Emperor Jonathan I voluntarily stepping down for the good of Austenasia and the community.  The claims of a coup were invented as an attempt at sensationalism and defamation.

However, there is evidence that Austenasia’s Grand Duke John I of Breckland is aware of and participated in such plots on the part of Austenasia:


This release was republished from the Delveran State Media page with permission.