Congress of Colo Convenes


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The Congress of Colo, an intermicronational convention hosted by Delvera, convened this past Saturday on the 12th of August. The Bannerman previously covered the Congress here, and detailed the goals for the convention:

Those planning the Congress of Colo hope to set forth basic standards and principles for other micronations to consider and discuss.  Any laws resulting from the congress would be independently and voluntarily adopted by each micronation at their discretion following the event. As Minister Callahan reminded the Chamber, “The articles we draft and adopt will not be binding on this country. Not unless we apply them in accordance with our existing laws.”


The first session of the Congress was attended by delegations from Delvera, the North American Confederation, and Karnia-Ruthenia. The Austenasian delegation failed to attend.

Minutes from the session were released on the Congress of Colo’s Facebook page the following day. These reflect an optimistic tone, as the delegations discuss the proposed articles.

The conversation largely focused on the issues of micronational currency and economic policy. Ideas regarding intermicronational currency exchange rates, banking regulations, and stock exchanges were brought up, and all delegations appeared to be optimistic about the direction of the convention.

The second session of the Congress of Colo is scheduled for the 19th of August.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan

Triumvirate Passes Reforms


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LAVRADA – The new Lavrasian Triumvirate met in Conclave for the first time last night, discussing a number of topics which were ultimately passed into provincial law. The most significant reforms involved the adoption of provincial symbols, the specification of war powers, and the creation of a provincial treasury.

The Conclave affirmed the motto “Never Submit” and the anthem “Lavrasia Forever” as official provincial symbols, though both of these had been used in some capacity since 2015. A new coat of arms designed by Chief Legislator Jordan Brizendine, however, was the main point of interest.


New Lavrasian Arms

In response to the passage of the 2017 Confederal Military Resolution by the Chamber of Deputies, the Conclave added a war powers clause to the Articles of Governance, Lavrasia’s constitution. The new clause stipulates that the Triumvirate can declare war by a unanimous vote.

Finally, the Conclave passed the 2017 Provincial Treasury Act, establishing a means whereby the province can maintain its own accounts. The treasury’s assets are divided between a store of provincial bullion and an account in the Confederal Bank. The Triumvirate can issue promissory notes, which may be redeemed for currency or bullion, to service providers. The treasury was created to give the provincial government purchasing power and to help insulate the province in the event of a collapse of the confederal economy.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Confederal Military Released; Chamber Passes 2017 Resolution


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NEOSHO RAPIDS – On the first of June, Supreme Commander Callahan announced that he was releasing all confederal military personal from service, with the sole exception of those in the Army Intelligence.

According to the Supreme Commander, this move was made  to allow provinces to focus on their own militias, as well as to ensure that Delvera is not spending superfluous funds. He also stated, “It is also more constitutionally sound to not have a standing national military in time of peace.”

Following this announcement, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously passed the 2017 Confederal Military Resolution on the 28th of June. This resolution carefully spells out the war powers given to the Grand Republic of Delvera.

The resolution seeks to give provinces as much power as possible, and therefore prohibits the confederal government from declaring war, giving this ability to the provinces instead. It also officially prohibits the confederal government from having a permanent army, and limits the confederal military to the Supreme Commander and his staff.

The duties of the Supreme Commander are also enunciated. These duties include the responsibility to act as a liaison between provincial militias, to act as a guard for members of the confederal government, and to organized joint training exercises.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan

LavrasiaLink – 7/8/17


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LavrasiaLink is a recurring column focusing on local events in Lavrada and Lavrasia, the region in which this publication is based.

LAVRADA – The annual provincial elections took place in Lavrasia on July 5, immediately following the Confederal Consular Election. Casey Pemberton was elected Chief Executor (Governor) of the Commonwealth, while Jordan Brizendine was elected Chief Legislator (Deputy). Both candidates ran unopposed. Pemberton had held the Legislator position since its inception in 2015, while Brizendine had been Executor from 2015 to his resignation from the position in the middle of his term in February of this year.

Pemberton appointed Victor Sarkozy to the position of Chief Justicier, the third post in the Triumvirate, to replace incumbent Roseanna Cilley, whose two year term had expired. Sarkozy had been serving as provisional Executor since Brizendine’s resignation. The new Triumvirate plans to rework the Lavrasian Militia in accordance with the recent confederal military reforms and to revitalize the Commonwealth’s economy in the form of trade deals with the Protectorate.

Later in the evening, a small fireworks display was held in Lavrada as a send off for Legislator Brizendine, who planned to depart for employment in the People’s Republic of China on July 7. A banquet had also been held for Brizendine’s extended family and friends in the Protectorate on the previous Saturday. The Legislator’s trip was later delayed, and he will now leave on July 13 for the city of Shenzhen.


Recent months have seen a growing population of two species of fox in the area of the Protectorate. Both red and grey foxes have been seen often, with at least two grey foxes visiting a Protectorate resident’s yard to eat from a pan of cat food daily.


Grey fox eats cat food unmolested in the Protectorate.

The Commonwealth and the Protectorate have also become infested with Japanese Beetles, with which resident gardeners have had to contend most severely via pesticides.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

2017 Consular Election Held After Delay


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COLONIA – The annual Consular elections were held in Delvera on July 5, nearly a month after the original scheduled date of June 11. The election timeline had been thrown into disarray after the abrupt departure of Minister of the Interior Sam Johnson in April. Johnson, who had charge of the Election Commission, did not release his voter registration data to the Consulate before he left, causing a breakdown of that system.

The two candidates in this year’s election were incumbent Casey Pemberton and challenger Dylan Callahan, who had served as Minister of Commerce for the past 18 months and Supreme Commander of the Delveran Armed Services since the resignation of Major Brizendine in February. The candidates had participated in a debate on February 9, while a second debate on March 10 became a livestream of Callahan after Pemberton was forced to cancel last minute. The scheduled third debate never took place.



Promotional advertisement released by the Confederal government.

Callahan won a majority of votes in both provinces, with a 3-2 vote reported by officials in Lavrasia and a 2-1 vote reported in Neosho for a total of 5-3 nationally. No territorial or colonial citizens voted in this year’s elections. Pemberton was confirmed as President by the Chamber of Deputies at 5:59 on the same day, with Callahan being confirmed as Consul by the Council of Governors at 7:59.

The event raised some of the same issues as the 2016 election, chief of which was the confusion about voter registration. According to Delveran law, citizens must pay confederal taxes in order to vote in national elections. However, records of who has paid are not readily available, and there has been some confusion about how many installments of the monthly poll tax must be paid in order to vote, or if citizens who are in debt to the Confederal Bank should be allowed to vote. The 2017 Tax Reform Bill, passed by the Chamber on the same day, attempted to rectify some of these problems by establishing a billing system and allowing citizens to pay taxes in advance with no retroactive charges.

Thus far, Consul Callahan has appointed Jordan Brizendine to the post of Minister of the Interior. Brizendine’s appointment has not been confirmed by the time of this article’s publication, nor has Callahan appointed any other officials. However, he has indicated that Victor Sarkozy and John Goldsmith may be his picks for Supreme Commander and Minister of Commerce respectively.

UPDATE: Victor Sarkozy has been chosen by Callahan for the Supreme Commander position. Consul Callahan has stated that he will appoint no further Cabinet members at this time.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Chamber Restructures Judicial Branch


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COLONIA – The Chamber of Deputies met on June 28 to discuss a variety of pressing legislation and other topics, one of which was the reorganization of the confederal government’s judicial branch.

This restructuring was motivated by the dysfunctional state of the High Court, Delvera’s highest legal body. The Court, which had consistently been inactive and had not been fully staffed for months, was viewed by several confederal officials as the final obstacle to a fully operational government.

In order to correct the problem without a radical restructuring of the Delveran Constitution, the Chamber passed a number of amendments which conferred temporary judicial powers on the Council of Governors and the Chamber itself in specific instances requiring the action of the Court. Either of these bodies can serve as the High Court depending on the situation, with either the Consul or the President taking on the role of Supreme Justice respectively. To assist with maintaining the balance of power, a recusal protocol was also implemented whereby officials who have a conflict of interest in particular cases will not participate in those proceedings.

President Jordan Brizendine, who proposed the changes, admitted that the alterations were not perfect. “This new system may require a bit of revision down the road, but I believe it will be ultimately beneficial,” he said in the Chamber.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Delvera to Host Intermicronational Congress of Colo


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NEOSHO RAPIDS – The Grand Republic of Delvera will be hosting an intermicronational congress later this year, beginning on the 12th of August.

According to announcements made on the Congress of Colo Facebook page, preliminary talks are currently in progress to determine the venue, format, and agenda of this congress.  Representatives include Dylan Callahan of Delvera, Joseph Marx of the North American Confederation, Christian Newton of Karnia-Ruthenia, and Jonathan Austen of Austenasia.

Emblem of the Congress of Colo

In an address to the Chamber of Deputies on June 28th, Minister of Commerce Dylan Callahan explained the purpose and goal for this congress by stating, “This convention will draft and adopt articles of standardization. Standardization in the areas of diplomacy, economics, sovereignty, and other matters of state.”

Those planning the Congress of Colo hope to set forth basic standards and principles for other micronations to consider and discuss.  Any laws resulting from the congress would be independently and voluntarily adopted by each micronation at their discretion following the event. As Minister Callahan reminded the Chamber, “The articles we draft and adopt will not be binding on this country. Not unless we apply them in accordance with our existing laws.”

 Reporter: Hannah Callahan

Confederal Officials Impeached, Drill and Diplomacy Continue


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LAVRADA – The first quarterly drill of the Delveran Armed Services was held this past Monday, on February 20th. The drill was attended by Delverans from Lavrasia, Zancudo, and Neosho.

Upon the arrival of Supreme Commander Callahan, Consul Pemberton was charged with negligence of the law, ignorance of the law, and acting under coercion. Impeachment proceedings began at 10:45 within the Chamber. President Brizendine recused himself due to a conflict of interest, as he was next in the line of succession for consul. Supreme Commander Callahan was therefore instated as acting-President. Consul Pemberton pled guilty. During the course of his defense, Consul Pemberton stated that it was true that he did not have a very good grasp of the laws, but that he had been recently educating himself on Delveran law. He defended his recent actions in the Chamber by saying he only acted as advised by the President, and charged the President for neglecting his duties. Consul Pemberton was found not guilty by reason of extenuating circumstances.

President Brizendine was then impeached for negligence of his duties. He defended himself by stating that he had not neglected any legal obligations. His trial also ended with him being found not guilty.

Colonial Governor Johnson was impeached on charges of coercing the government and misusing the responsibilities of his office. The Chamber delayed his trial until he was able to participate via video conference and briefly adjourned for lunch. Once Johnson was able to meet the Chamber reconvened. A plea deal was offered to the Governor, who accepted and pled guilty.

The Chamber also set the date for their next regular session, which is to be held on April 14th of this year.


DAS personnel form a firing line. From left: Dylan Callahan, Cole Sarkozy, Victor Sarkozy, and Jordan Brizendine

At this point, the Delveran militia set out to patrol the area. The extensive scouting venture lasted much of the afternoon, and tested the endurance and stamina of all involved.

Upon their return, the Consul, President, and Supreme Commander met with Joseph Marx of the NAC to discuss a variety of diplomatic topics. Their meeting was declared a success, with all parties satisfied with the results of their conference.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan

Developments in Delvera: A Selection of Recent Major Events


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(This article is a synopsis of unreported major events in Delvera over the past two months. The Editor apologizes to all readers for the obscene delay.)

COLONIA – On December 29, 2016, the Military District of Norden was readmitted into the Grand Republic, this time comprised of territory in the US state of Pennsylvania. Administrator Christian Newton was enlisted in the Delveran Armed Services as a Master Sergeant, becoming the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Grand Republican Army and vowing to reform the Delveran Rangers. In addition, Consul Pemberton appointed Newton to the position of Minister of the Interior, which had been vacant since the resignation of Maverick Callahan nine days earlier. Upon taking office, Newton began working to conduct a national census and organize the Consular debates and elections, which will be held in July. In October 2016, Newton had resigned from all of his positions and dissolved his military district, which was then located in North Carolina.

Following a constitutional amendment on December 31, the first colony of the Grand Republic was established in the US state of New Mexico. The colony, later named Chapuline, was founded by Samuel Johnson for the purpose of conducting scientific research and developing agricultural products to fuel the national economy. Johnson was appointed Secretary of the newly created Department of Science, a subsidiary of the Ministry of the Interior. In late January 2017, Johnson replaced Newton as Minister of the Interior. Johnson began his program of agricultural development soon after the colony’s admittance, starting with the seeding of the first Delveran tea crop. He outlined many other projects and proposals, some more ambitious than others. Of these, work has progressed on the tea, tobacco, and apple crops, as well as the preliminary construction of a foundry for casting metal. Johnson was previously the President of the Democratic Republic of Doronis, a micronation that had been a Dependency of the Grand Republic for approximately three weeks before disbanding in April 2016.


Crops growing in Chapuline

January 31 saw the resignation of Jordan Brizendine from the positions of Minister of State, Supreme Commander of the DAS, and Governor of Lavrasia, citing inability to perform assigned duties. Brizendine had served in the first position for six months and the latter two for nearly four years. He also resigned his commission as a Major in the DAS, transferring himself to the Lavrasian Militia, in which he enlisted at an unspecified rank. Brizendine retained the position of President of the Grand Republic, although he announced that he would not seek reelection for any positions during the next election cycle. Consul Pemberton appointed Captain Dylan Callahan to the position of Supreme Commander on the following day, and Victor Sarkozy was named acting Governor of Lavrasia. The Minister of State post remained vacant, with the Consul personally assuming the appropriate duties.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Cabinet Meets to Discuss Plans for 2017


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NEOSHO RAPIDS – On the 29th of December, the confederal cabinet met in Neosho to review the state of the nation and to discuss plans for the upcoming year.

Nearly every member of the cabinet was able to attend, with the exception of Minister of Justice Cilley. Consul Wernher, President Brizendine, Minister of Commerce Callahan, Sec. of Conservation Sarkozy, and Sec. of Confederal Post Callahan were physically present, while Minister of the Interior Newton and Sec. of State Media Steffen participated via video conference.  Prince Alexander of the Grand Principality of the Danube was also present as an observer.


The cabinet meeting began with various reports on the state of Delvera. These included reports on the state of the nation, government, state, economy, and infrastructure.

To accomplish a variety of goals, several subcommittees were formed. These include a Propaganda Committee, to develop ads for Delvera; a Coat of Arms Committee in charge of designing a coat of arms; an Elections Committee dedicated to overseeing the upcoming 2017 confederal elections; a MicroCon 2017 Committee responsible for planning a delegation to this year’s Micronational Convention, and a Census committee in charge of setting up the 2017 Delveran census.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan