Confederal Officials Impeached, Drill and Diplomacy Continue


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LAVRADA – The first quarterly drill of the Delveran Armed Services was held this past Monday, on February 20th. The drill was attended by Delverans from Lavrasia, Zancudo, and Neosho.

Upon the arrival of Supreme Commander Callahan, Consul Pemberton was charged with negligence of the law, ignorance of the law, and acting under coercion. Impeachment proceedings began at 10:45 within the Chamber. President Brizendine recused himself due to a conflict of interest, as he was next in the line of succession for consul. Supreme Commander Callahan was therefore instated as acting-President. Consul Pemberton pled guilty. During the course of his defense, Consul Pemberton stated that it was true that he did not have a very good grasp of the laws, but that he had been recently educating himself on Delveran law. He defended his recent actions in the Chamber by saying he only acted as advised by the President, and charged the President for neglecting his duties. Consul Pemberton was found not guilty by reason of extenuating circumstances.

President Brizendine was then impeached for negligence of his duties. He defended himself by stating that he had not neglected any legal obligations. His trial also ended with him being found not guilty.

Colonial Governor Johnson was impeached on charges of coercing the government and misusing the responsibilities of his office. The Chamber delayed his trial until he was able to participate via video conference and briefly adjourned for lunch. Once Johnson was able to meet the Chamber reconvened. A plea deal was offered to the Governor, who accepted and pled guilty.

The Chamber also set the date for their next regular session, which is to be held on April 14th of this year.


DAS personnel form a firing line. From left: Dylan Callahan, Cole Sarkozy, Victor Sarkozy, and Jordan Brizendine

At this point, the Delveran militia set out to patrol the area. The extensive scouting venture lasted much of the afternoon, and tested the endurance and stamina of all involved.

Upon their return, the Consul, President, and Supreme Commander met with Joseph Marx of the NAC to discuss a variety of diplomatic topics. Their meeting was declared a success, with all parties satisfied with the results of their conference.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan

Developments in Delvera: A Selection of Recent Major Events


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(This article is a synopsis of unreported major events in Delvera over the past two months. The Editor apologizes to all readers for the obscene delay.)

COLONIA – On December 29, 2016, the Military District of Norden was readmitted into the Grand Republic, this time comprised of territory in the US state of Pennsylvania. Administrator Christian Newton was enlisted in the Delveran Armed Services as a Master Sergeant, becoming the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Grand Republican Army and vowing to reform the Delveran Rangers. In addition, Consul Pemberton appointed Newton to the position of Minister of the Interior, which had been vacant since the resignation of Maverick Callahan nine days earlier. Upon taking office, Newton began working to conduct a national census and organize the Consular debates and elections, which will be held in July. In October 2016, Newton had resigned from all of his positions and dissolved his military district, which was then located in North Carolina.

Following a constitutional amendment on December 31, the first colony of the Grand Republic was established in the US state of New Mexico. The colony, later named Chapuline, was founded by Samuel Johnson for the purpose of conducting scientific research and developing agricultural products to fuel the national economy. Johnson was appointed Secretary of the newly created Department of Science, a subsidiary of the Ministry of the Interior. In late January 2017, Johnson replaced Newton as Minister of the Interior. Johnson began his program of agricultural development soon after the colony’s admittance, starting with the seeding of the first Delveran tea crop. He outlined many other projects and proposals, some more ambitious than others. Of these, work has progressed on the tea, tobacco, and apple crops, as well as the preliminary construction of a foundry for casting metal. Johnson was previously the President of the Democratic Republic of Doronis, a micronation that had been a Dependency of the Grand Republic for approximately three weeks before disbanding in April 2016.


Crops growing in Chapuline

January 31 saw the resignation of Jordan Brizendine from the positions of Minister of State, Supreme Commander of the DAS, and Governor of Lavrasia, citing inability to perform assigned duties. Brizendine had served in the first position for six months and the latter two for nearly four years. He also resigned his commission as a Major in the DAS, transferring himself to the Lavrasian Militia, in which he enlisted at an unspecified rank. Brizendine retained the position of President of the Grand Republic, although he announced that he would not seek reelection for any positions during the next election cycle. Consul Pemberton appointed Captain Dylan Callahan to the position of Supreme Commander on the following day, and Victor Sarkozy was named acting Governor of Lavrasia. The Minister of State post remained vacant, with the Consul personally assuming the appropriate duties.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Cabinet Meets to Discuss Plans for 2017


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NEOSHO RAPIDS – On the 29th of December, the confederal cabinet met in Neosho to review the state of the nation and to discuss plans for the upcoming year.

Nearly every member of the cabinet was able to attend, with the exception of Minister of Justice Cilley. Consul Wernher, President Brizendine, Minister of Commerce Callahan, Sec. of Conservation Sarkozy, and Sec. of Confederal Post Callahan were physically present, while Minister of the Interior Newton and Sec. of State Media Steffen participated via video conference.  Prince Alexander of the Grand Principality of the Danube was also present as an observer.


The cabinet meeting began with various reports on the state of Delvera. These included reports on the state of the nation, government, state, economy, and infrastructure.

To accomplish a variety of goals, several subcommittees were formed. These include a Propaganda Committee, to develop ads for Delvera; a Coat of Arms Committee in charge of designing a coat of arms; an Elections Committee dedicated to overseeing the upcoming 2017 confederal elections; a MicroCon 2017 Committee responsible for planning a delegation to this year’s Micronational Convention, and a Census committee in charge of setting up the 2017 Delveran census.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan

Council of Governors Rescinds Friendship Treaties


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NEOSHO RAPIDS – The Council of Governors met on Thursday, December 29 in Neosho Rapids to discuss the state of relations between the Grand Republic of Delvera and other micronations. In keeping with the newly codified Definition of a Legitimate State, the Council decided to rescind numerous treaties of friendship with entities that Delvera no longer recognizes as legitimate micronations.

The Council voted to rescind treaties with the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, the Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell, the Kingdom of Loquntia, the Duchy of Hodiny, and the Federated States of Noveria on the grounds that all of these nations failed to meet one or more requirements of the Definition. Combined with the Ministry of State’s ending of all current informal relations, this left the North American Confederation, the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg, and the Empire of Austenasia the only remaining micronations with diplomatic ties to Delvera.

Lavrasian Governor Jordan Brizendine expressed regret at the mass ending of relations, revealing that he was initially hesitant to propose revisiting existing treaties in the Council for fear of damaging friendships with citizens of the entities with which ties were cut. He specified the reasoning for each treaty rescind proposal to the Council, emphasizing the legal rather than personal motivations behind the move. He went on to say that the Council’s actions were not necessarily denouncements of the individuals or micronational entities in question, and that Delvera should be willing to aid any micronation on the path to legitimacy.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Callahan Steps Down, Renounces Citizenship


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NOTTALOTTA ACRES – Maverick Callahan has been involved in micronational matters for many years, since the days of NottaLotta Acres. His latest contributions have included serving as Governor of Neosho, and he was also recently appointed Minister of the Interior by Consul Wernher during the Confederal visit to Neosho.


Maverick Callahan, former Minister of the Interior and Governor of Neosho.

However, on the 20th of December Gov. Callahan announced to several citizens of Neosho that he wished to step down from his Delveran positions and citizenship. When asked about his reasons for leaving, he cited other demands upon his time and energy as a primary cause for this decision.

While Delvera is sorry to see him leave, his departure is not expected to cause governmental instability or chaos. The duties of Minister of the Interior will automatically revert to Consul Wernher until another Minister can be appointed. Meanwhile, the province of Neosho is currently in the process of setting up a special gubernatorial election to fill the provincial position that Callahan vacated.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan

Ministry of State Releases New Policies, Clarifies With Statement


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LAVRADA – Earlier today, Delveran State Media released two documents issued by the Ministry of State and a follow up statement by Minister Jordan Brizendine further describing the effects of the new policies contained within. The documents, the Declaration of Influence and Exclusivity and the Definition of a Legitimate State, outline the establishment of the Delveran Sphere of Influence and criteria for recognition of an entity as a state by the Delveran government respectively.

The Declaration created the Delveran Sphere of Influence, which is a region in which the Grand Republic claims exclusive rights to cultural, military, political, and economic development and expansion. The area spans about 500,000 square miles and covers parts of the US states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. The document stipulates that the area of the Sphere may be altered through negotiation with other sovereign states.


Approximated render of the Delveran Sphere of Influence (courtesy of Mr. Dylan Callahan).

Exactly what constitutes these sovereign states is defined by the second document. The Definition enumerates five requirements for statehood in the eyes of the Grand Republic: adherence to the Montevideo Convention, proof of citizenry, proof of territory, a serious working government, and activity that corresponds to national character. The document further states that no entities which do not meet these requirements will be considered a state by the Confederal government.

Finally, the Minister’s statement (which can be viewed on the new government website here) clarifies some misconceptions that he anticipated would arise from specific parts of the documents, as well as providing three rationales for the move. These are historical precedence, interest and capability, and citizenry currently residing in the area. Brizendine also explained that the new documents did not conflict with the foreign policy he announced earlier this year.

While these developments have been supported by most Delverans, some critics have decried perceived imperialist motivations, particularly regarding the Declaration. Minister Brizendine attempted to alleviate some of these concerns in his statement, which emphasized the facts that the Sphere does not constitute a territorial claim and that its boundaries can be altered through diplomatic discourse.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Editorial: Community in Crisis



Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinion of the author and is not necessarily indicative of the official stance of the Grand Republic or this publication.

The MicroWiki community has been used as a platform by upstart micronations for about a decade.  NottaLotta Acres and Salania, the noted predecessors of our Delvera, both greatly benefited from that platform to engage in relations with other micronations.  The forums of the wiki provided a common ground for any and all to exchange ideas and constructive criticisms, conduct business such as trade and treaties, and many other micronational pursuits and interests.

But what in earlier times would have been called minor drawbacks to this community have recently become roadblocks and major obstacles to the ends of participation therein.  These include simulationist countries being given access to the platform, thereby muddying the waters for those who are more legitimate and serious about their micronation.  Also a problem is the fact that a single individual could claim just about anything at all about their micronation, from an inflated population to how functional their economy or the strength of their military, and there is no incentive or accepted method of discovering the truth of that matter.

The sheer number of micronational representatives in the community alone inhibits the individual nations from exercising due diplomatic discretion, as anything posted to the forum is put before the unchecked masses for critique in the same venue.  

It is reasonable to expect moderators and administrators to keep some sort of order, but with such wide parameters in so public a forum, it is clear that any regulations or codes of conduct must needs be very general and not at all specific to whom may post and the decorum or etiquette required.

As the forum is intermacronational, spanning many diverse cultures and language barriers, some micronations find it necessary to continue a presence in the community, yet not participate much at all, lest they be sucked into the drama and divisiveness inherent to the unchecked mass of users.

The varying degrees of candidness, pretensions, prejudices and seriousness of participants is confusing and altogether not fitting for a serious platform for conducting intermicronational affairs.

The major example of this which necessitated Delvera’s representatives’ departure from the community was the moderators’ and administrators using their positions to alter any post, reputation point, profile imagery, or rule to their own, individual satisfaction.

This played out poorly for me, as I had used a word which one moderator decided was inappropriate to describe the quality of military items received in NottaLotta Acres.  The quality was such that I described it as “a box of crap,” very much in passing and not at all the point of my post to the community.  My post was altered to remove this word, I was given a reprimand in a reply, and at my first word of protest, I was sent a scathing private message from the moderator about how difficult his job is.

I was incensed and allowed myself to be caught up in the moment of argument, but I made it clear I did not find it fitting to be berated nor have my protests ignored and deleted.  This went unaddressed by the head administrator and owner of the Forum, a self-described “overlord of the community,” and the only solution was that a list of banned profanity be made up to include the word “crap.”  The suggestion was made by our own Jordan Brizendine, but this was not intended to solve the problem of irate moderators.  That problem, again, went entirely unaddressed.

After some discussion, we two Delverans decided it was best for our own dignity and for the legitimacy of the nation to leave the niche community and seek more legitimate and more conducive methods of interacting with other micronations and with the general public.

It may well be that there is no perfect solution for an open forum in a community of micronations.  There may well be no one-size-fits-all solution to any of the issues herein described.  All the more reason that we no longer participate in such forums, platforms and communities on an official level.

Author: Dylan Callahan

Central Headquarters Inhabited, Monroe Reassigned


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LAVRADA – The Delveran Armed Services Central Headquarters was completed in July, but it only began to see permanent habitation beginning in November. It was at this time that the building was equipped with a heating unit and mattresses, providing more comfortable living conditions for the DAS personnel stationed within.

Among other features, the Central Headquarters includes seven sleeping spaces, heating and air conditioning systems, wifi access, and numerous electrical outlets. It was built on Lavrasian territory within the city of Lavrada, but transferred to Confederal control after it was completed. It is meant to serve as an administrative and logistical headquarters, as well as a barracks and storage area for military supplies.

In other news, Major Bob Monroe was recently honorably discharged from Confederal service, transferring to a command position in the Lavrasian Militia. This came as a result of Monroe’s increasingly busy schedule, which hampered his ability to perform his duties as DAS Adjutant Supreme Commander. He was replaced in this role by Major Dylan Callahan.

With Monroe’s reassignment, the Delveran Cavalry Regiment has been deactivated, its remaining personnel having been transferred to the Infantry.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Confederal Officials Visit Neosho


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(The Bannerman staff apologizes for the long publishing hiatus)

NEOSHO RAPIDS – On Wednesday, November 23, Confederal officials visited Neosho for the conduct of military and government business. Lavrasians Nikias Wernher, Jordan Brizendine, and Victor Sarkozy travelled to Neosho Rapids, where they were hosted by Mr. Dylan Callahan and Mrs. Hannah Callahan, who served lunch. This marked the first visit of Lavrasian citizens to Neoshan territory. Many gifts were exchanged during the visit, as is the custom whenever Lavrasians and Neoshans meet. These included articles of clothing and small trinkets.


High Command Meeting. From left: SGT Victor Sarkozy (acting Army SNCO), COL  Jordan Brizendine (Supreme Commander), CPT Nikias Wernher (Army Adjutant CoS), MAJ Dylan Callahan (Adjutant Supreme Commander).

To begin formal proceedings, DAS High Command held a meeting, amending the Military Regulations and evaluating current uniforms. Supreme Commander Jordan Brizendine named Mr. Callahan his Adjutant. Afterward, the Chamber of Deputies held a session in which the constitutionality of the Republican Military Protectorate was deliberated. Following that, the Wernher Cabinet met to discuss matters of state and the economy. Provincial banks and copper reserves topped the economic agenda, while the state discussion centered on public relations. Official business in Neosho Rapids concluded with a review of Neoshan ordinance in the munitions storehouse.

Later, Mr. Callahan accompanied the Lavrasians to NottaLotta Acres, where they met with Neoshan Governor Maverick Callahan. The Callahans proceeded to conduct their guests on a tour of the territory, pointing out areas of strategic and historical interest. The group discussed plans to revitalize NLA’s decaying infrastructure and restore its former glory. Governor Callahan was appointed Minister of the Interior, and it was decided that the Neoshan capital would be moved from Neosho Rapids to NLA. Finally, the group said farewell to the Governor and returned to Neosho Rapids, with the Lavrasians departing later in the afternoon.

Reporter: Jordan Brizendine

Neosho Becomes Province


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Note: Due to a publishing delay, all instances of “today” are in reference to “yesterday”.

NEOSHO RAPIDS – Today, on the 21st of October, the Military District of Neosho officially becomes the Province of Neosho.

Citizens of Neosho voted on the issue last month, and the result was unanimously in favor of becoming a province. Previously, citizens of Neosho had no say in local government, nor could they elect officials or vote in the Chamber of Deputies or Council of Governors. This change of status will allow Neoshan citizens to create and contribute to local government, while also removing the area from military control.

Neosho originally joined Delvera on December 22nd of last year. This resulted some criticism being leveled towards Jordan Brizendine, who was both First Consul and Supreme Commander of the Delveran Armed Services at the time, over the admittance of Neosho into Delvera as a military district.

Because an arrangement such as this had not been foreseen, no guidelines regarding it had been set forth in the Delveran Constitution. The guidelines for a protectorate were similar, but did not involve military control. While there was no constitutional prohibition which kept the military from owning land or controlling a district, the unprecedented arrangement was frowned upon by certain citizens who felt Brizendine was exploiting the unforeseen loophole.

Dylan Callahan, who is both the Army Chief of Staff and the Neoshan who originally proposed that Neosho join Delvera as a Military District, is in favor of the change. When asked to explain his reasoning, he cited the growing population as one of his reasons for now desiring the status of province, as well as the fact that Neosho had “little autonomy as a military district” and that “adding our voices to the confederal Chamber of Deputies” would also be beneficial.

As Callahan mentioned, the size of Neosho’s citizenry has seen much growth since last December. At that time, Neosho had a mere three citizens. Now, that total has increased to fourteen. Neosho also annexed NottaLotta Acres, which allowed the disorganized and long-dormant government of NLA to come to a dignified end.

After applying for provincial status, Neoshans held a vote to determine who would fill the offices of Governor and Deputy. Maverick Callahan was selected for governor by a vote of 5 to 0, and for the role of Deputy, Hannah Callahan was chosen by a vote of 4 to 0.

Reporter: Hannah Callahan